No matter how far the technology advances, seeing our phone repeating what we say is fascinating. We are extremely amused when we say, ‘Hello Google, open contacts’ and beam, the contact list of your phone opens!

It has been lately acknowledged by leading research and development companies that the gadgets which are able to recognize the live voice and /or able to interact through the voice are gaining popularity and being accepted with wide arms by people.

The innovation in voice recognition based devices/ applications in happening like never before. Just like personalized chat bots, many organizations are looking forward to making their organization stand out by incorporating voice-based devices/facilities on their premises.

People have also started to use voice-based search on their phones. Looking at the growing use of voice-based search, digital marketing service provider agencies have started providing digital marketing solution keeping this in mind.

Majority of people in the younger generations are using Siri, Alaska, Alexa, and other voice recognition based gadgets very boastfully. They use voice search to start phone calls, to search something, to set alarms, to play music, get directions while driving and for accessing other basic functionalities.

With the ease and fascination in voice-based searches, more and more people are getting attracted to use it. Realizing the tremendous growth in the voice search by people, Google has now started to develop algorithms for voice search based Search Engine Optimization.

Looking at the current trend it may not be surprising to know that a survey among top SEO experts revealed that voice search SEO is among the top SEO trends. People are putting in money to optimize their site, based on the keywords that are not typed but said.

Another survey revealed that as much as 20 percent of search queries were made on Google’s Android app voice search function in the United States of America. This trend in search has been expanding more and more in other countries as well.

The voice search works in a very simple way. The voice command is first fetched and then recognized. The recognized speech is then converted into text. The text so obtained becomes the keyword input for SEO. The later part then works similar to what SEO normally works.

Considering all the advantages of digital marketing through voice search, many digital marketing agencies are coming up with new plans and SEO strategies. Some of the techniques are:

1. Optimization:

The use of Siri and its counterparts on an Android platform is extensive. People want their problems to be solved without having to invest time in typing. To get things done, people don’t follow a set pattern. But there are some preferences by the user. You can optimize the local search by understanding the pattern and preference in people’s way of voice search.

This local optimization on local levels is something which will help you rank higher in the local space and will help you understand the voice search SEO and gain a grip on it slowly but firmly.

2. Different languages:

When people are speaking and not typing, they can say words in any language. The majority of questions and through speech recognition should be able to identify the keyword in different languages and then map the accurate result against it. This can happen when the search engine is versatile enough and has a repository of different languages.

3. Relevant verbal Keywords

As the input is speech, you need to do a thorough Research to find the relevant and frequent keyword. Mobile is the platform where people can enter in voice-based queries.
Marketers can do the research in the queries entered in the mobile space, identify the keywords and then implement those keywords in their algorithms for SEO.
Another challenge in finding out the keywords in the diction! Although the words might be the same, people across the world have different ways to pronounce it. Siri, Cortana, and other platforms are able to identify the different dictions. Marketers can use the data that these voice recognition tools use.
Search engines have a pool of data from where the information can be gathered and analyzed.

4. Content rebuilding:

Until now, there has not been any attention paid to the voice-based SEO and rightly so as it was not into existence. The content created and marketed was only based on the traditional method of getting the keywords. Now, since there will be a different approach to look at things, the content would need to be reworked. As it is it is advisable to change content to rank higher on the Google’s index, nothing would be better than recreating content with the trending voice search based keyword.

There are many advantages of digital marketing using SEO for voice search. The major advantage is that you can tap the wide audience using mobile to search for their questions.