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How the ‘Airbnb for Pets’ Became a $70 Million Business

DogVacay is doing away with the need for kennels by matching pet owners with tens of thousands of sitters across North America.



Aaron Hirschhorn, founder of DogVacay, and his dog Rocky. CREDIT: Courtesy Company

In 2010, Aaron Hirschhorn went on vacation, leaving his dog Rocky at a kennel in Los Angeles. When he returned, the goldendoodle was severely traumatized.

“She was hiding under my desk for two days afterward,” the science teacher-turned-VC remembers. Figuring he could provide a more personal service, Hirschhorn naturally did what any entrepreneurial dog-lover would: He started his own pet-boarding business. The venture was successful, to say the least; in one year, he generated around $35,000 in sales. “We started realizing that if we–who have no real experience–can do this, then pretty much anybody can,” he says.

Back then, the sharing economy–or what was then known as “collaborative consumption”–was still in its infancy, but Hirschhorn recognized it as a major opportunity. By March 2012, he had launched DogVacay, an online service connecting pet owners to sitters in L.A. and San Francisco; by the following summer, he expanded to several other U.S. cities and Canada. Today, the website books more than $70 million in annual sales and aims to significantly reduce reliance on kennels much as Airbnb has captured millions in revenue from the hotel industry.

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