Bike rental business is on the boom and if you own a bike rental shop, there are two words that as a combination will elicit a humongous response from the businessman inside you. These two words are experiential travel which seems to work like a magic.

These two words have actually been the catchiest phrase in the tourism industry for a long, long time. After all, taken at its most fundamental level, almost all travel is pretty much experiential.

So, it is important to know why these two words are so significant in the travel industry and why and what exactly are the experts intend to imply about when they refer to this trend. It is also important to know how specifically these two words affect the bike rental business.

If you know the answers to all these questions it will be easy for you to connect to your customers and tap the rich and highly potential travel market in your area. Therefore, start digging in.

The sense of it

If you take experiential travel in the broadest sense it usually refers to the demand of a consumer for more engaging, safe and authentic travel experiences. According to the experts, albeit arguably, it can be also put as follows:

  • It is a most systemic and significant trend
  • It is followed worldwide in modern day tourism
  • It involves conveying the idea of more immersive, adventurous, local, and/or active travel.

Every person typically wants to travel better, at a more personal level as well as on a deeper emotional level. This is what experiential travel is all about.

Follow-up survey regarding this matter also points out that the role of technology is very significant in this cultural shift. It involves everything from social media, sharing,dating apps and mapping have helped the travelers to connect locally and in a real time basis. What is more significantly surprising is that it applies to all age groups as well.

The meaningfulness of it

You may wonder what is the meaningfulness and effectiveness of experiential travel with bike rental NYC. Well, considering the fact that the neighborhood bike shops are literally the key holders to these chariots of exploration and adventure in the local areas. Therefore, if you play your cards right then you can gain a lot in your bike rental business from the rising demand of these tech-savvy experiential travelers.

There are a couple of essential components of this trend to consider and break down that will portend for your bike rental business.

The authenticity factor

Considering the authenticity factor, according to the research, the entire profile of experiential travelers condensed this insight into a categorized list of values that can be effectively labeled as the maxims of the super traveler.

  • The need for authenticity and trust in your bike rental business plays a significant role and cats as a source for inspiration.
  • It also advice you on where you should go and stay along with all the myriad facets associated in taking a bike trip.
  • It also provides modern travelers with the most important sense that they are getting the best and most practical deal through the local goods.

Understanding this phenomenon well, most bike rental shops are more inclined to provide the best local biking tour experience. Travelers want to live like the locals, stay like the locals and even eat what locals eat. In fact they want to get around in the area just as the local people would.

The offers made

Combining this interest in authenticity along with a specific technology bike rental companies are now providing easy cycling access to visitors. That means, it will help you to highlight your neighborhood connections which is essential for bike rental businesses.

This allows you to make subtle offers such as free local maps, info on the biking trail, free riding advice, or making obvious suggestions to a group of cycling adventurists about the city. More often than not, even something as simple as these can help in building trust and relationship that will create the most lasting impact and even make the first time renter come back to your shop for more.

Use and benefits of technology

Technology as always and in all fields, plays a significant role in bike rental business as well. Technology and connectivity goes hand in hand and complement each other greatly. This provides a better and more authentic travel experience but does not overload the bike rental companies.

One can come to know all about the bike rental shop, the types of bikes available, the trails and rules to follow during the trips, the terms and conditions for bike rental NYC and much more without much intervention of the companies itself.

For any business that intends to tap into the modern travel market, it is needless to explain the importance of a refined and strong online presence. Therefore, if you are still using those old and traditional whiteboards and spreadsheets to track and manage your bike rentals, chances are very high that you are missing a large number of prospective customers and a considerable chunk of your business revenue. Most importantly, you are not even found on the radar.

Use apps and website

There are several apps that are specifically developed for the purpose of giving the neighborhood bike shops an ample scope to better their business by enabling the customers to get unfettered access to the global network of bikers.

These platforms highlight all those local bike rental shops and are easily found on both websites as well as smartphone searches. These are also very helpful for the shops to deal with customer needs making them a more powerful point to provide rental solution of any type as well as for all of their in-store needs.

It has been a big help for minimizing the paperwork and get out of registration and payments hassles that are pretty huge. For this you do not require reinventing public transportation as a simple interface is enough for the already accustomed customers.