ExportTweet is a Twitter analytics marketing tool who provides complete Twitter followers analysis. You can analyze Twitter followers of any public Twitter account with it.

Followerwonk provides you only a limited data set of Twitter followers that too randomly. This means that the data analyzed by Followerwonk would be on random Twitter Followers.

ExportTweet provides you exporting Twitter followers which means you can download and analyze all the followers of any public Twitter account even if in millions.


Here are the steps to analyze Twitter followers:

  • Go to Twitter Followers Analysis and login with any Twitter account
  • Enter the @account name whose followers you want to analyze/export
  • Add the @account report to the Cart
  • Go to the Cart and complete the purchase
  • Access the Twitter followers report through Dashboard

Use of Twitter Followers Analysis by ExportTweet:

  • Search Bios of Twitter Followers

You will get the complete list of followers along with their associated Twitter data in a CSV/Excel format.

You can easily select the Bios column and press Ctrl+F to enter the desired keyword in the Find dialog box.

  • Most Popular Followers

Get the list of top popular Twitter followers of the searched Twitter account, on the basis of the number of their own followers.

  • Followers’ Language Analysis

Percentage graph of Twitter followers on their language used.

  • Followers’ Activity Graphs

Know the time when the followers were last active.

  • Followers’ Range of Followers

Based on who’s got the most followers

  • Followers’ Years Joined Twitter

Get the number of Followers and their year of joining Twitter