Andrew Chen is currently one of the more well-known up and comers directly out of Silicon Valley. As of today, he stands as Head of Rider Growth at the incredibly successful company known as Uber. If you have never heard of Uber, it is a ride sharing app that allows users to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs right from your phone for immediate or future ride services. And the best part is, they tell you how much your ride will cost beforehand so there are no surprises at the time of service. Chen is a remarkable young man who has achieved great success at an early age because of his extensive knowledge on growth and marketing. He also serves as an advisor and investor for a variety popular new companies and startups; companies like BarkBox, Dropbox, Marco Polo, Product Hunt, and Tinder to name a few. He has spent the last decade of this life writing on issues related to mobile, metrics, and growth on his website.

Andrew Chen is an absolute genius when it comes to growth and the penetration of goods and services into the United States household. When it comes to technology we are a world obsessed. From phones and tablets, to smart watches and virtual reality—it seems there is an endless pool of tech gadgets to choose from; each with their own potential daily necessity. During this lecture, Andrew Chen briefly explains that one of the questions he gets asked the most often is “what is the next best thing?” “Where should I be investing my money for the best payoff later?”. As a technological society, we are always looking forward, wondering what will come next. One of the best examples of this is fans of the Apple iPhone. Each year seems to bring a new phone which leaves lines of people along sidewalks and around buildings waiting just to get their hands on the newest iPhone. While this seems crazy to those of us who do not use Apple products, it also takes a heck of a lot of dedication—I will give them that.
“I go to Andrew to learn more about the latest methods for building and retaining web audiences. There’s no one who knows more about it.” Says Mitchell Kapor, Kapor Capital, Lotus Development. It is for these many reasons that Chen is regarded as highly as he is. Chen goes on to explain that in order to see what is coming in the future, we must begin by looking to the past. This may come as a surprise to you, but it actually took 20,30,40, even 50 years for appliances like the phone, refrigerator, and cars to penetrate the majority of American homes. In relation to technology like the smartphone that seems to have more and more capabilities every day. Surpassing that of other modern day technologies. In fact, within the short span of only 10 years’ phones have come from simple gadgets that can track your fitness information to the modest iPhone that can do practically anything. And have you seen the drones available today? The tech industry is ever-expanding with new possibilities; however, it is also repeating history.

Working in technology and marketing is enthralling because you are always, there front and center, to see the brilliance and growth of technology. Also, by following early to recent trends of technology and the penetration into American homes, we are able to get some insight into what we may see in the future.

One of the more scalable ways to grow your business startup is something you may not expect. When people experience what, you have to offer and then tell their friends about it, we are creating the ‘word of mouth’. If you trust Andrew Chen and what he has to say, then you will understand that getting people talking about your business, product, company, whatever is going to really lift you up and draw in more business. You must also focus on viral marketing and bootstrapping marketplaces.

You must understand that these classic type strategies intertwine with our natural behavior. With different technologies emerging like virtual reality and other smart wearables can be traced backward to charts from 100 years ago, It is a fact that what was relevant 100 years ago, will again reign popular in 10,20,50 years!