There are plenty of people that could fit your client profile. In an ideal world, all of them would be willing to buy your offer, but in reality, only a selected few would be in a buying cycle or have their needs match your solution.   

It’s important to be selective in your business. Time is the most valuable asset you have so it shouldn’t be wasted with people who are not interested in your market.

To find a potential client, it’s ideal to focus more on prospects rather than suspects. Many organisations make the mistake of going after suspects rather than prospects. Besides their precious time and effort, this also often leads to wasted resources.

Although both might fit the profile of an ideal client based on your criteria, prospects are more likely to do business with you since you already have some knowledge about them.

Every salesperson should be able to identify a suspect from a prospect to know which ones could turn into a great business opportunity. Besides the different characteristics between the two, there is also a method called qualifying to assess which individuals and organisation could be potential clients.

In this infographic by Kona, learn how to classify your client into which category.

Are They Suspects or Prospects - Infographic