An app always comes with number of stress factors to come along with in the development and after the launch process and you cannot deny the fact that every mobile app which is developed with enough number of difficulties, require a great deal of technical competencies to be a part of the mobile app.

Well, there is too much to be a part of the mobile app, but even after integrating a series of different aspects in the mobile app, yet there are various mobile apps which fail to make an impact and lose the battle.

There are many factors which are involved in the recipe for making the mobile app go hugely popular and it has much to do with when you have to convince the users to download your mobile app, but how to get it done?

There are many strategies, and one of the most effective, which we are going to discuss today is ASO- App Store Optimization. The ASO is a much needed and a significant aspect, and with the app market growing larger and bigger it is your duty to bring the most suitable app store optimization techniques for your mobile app’s success.

I know the app store optimization or ASO, itself is the widest topic, that covers every success parameter essential for your mobile app, thus it is very likely that you are going to make the mistakes due to the availability of a large number of myths in the ASO filed.

We understand your concern, and to sort out this issue elegantly we have brought a solution for you through this blog, so you can concentrate on bringing more installs for your mobile app through the best possible ASO practices, while avoiding the pool of myths for ASO.

Changing Title Brings Better Results

Undeniably the significance of title in the ASO strategies is irreplaceable and weighs much then it reflects and it is one of the most vital parts of the metadata. But the myth which revolves freely in the market suggests that changing the title on daily basis to bring more traffic and reviews for your mobile app, but actually this practice brings more harm than any good to your mobile app, because once you try to change the title again and again, the word to mouth appreciation spread cannot be reversed and it causes more destruction to your mobile app.

So once the title is made and it DONE. Albeit you can take the precautionary hand while creating the title, like making it short with 25 characters and making it creative and unique.

Adding Keywords Is A Good Sign

The keywords you use in the title or any other place within the help your app to rank and get noticed…HOLD IT…it’s not a truth, keyword stuffing is a SIN in ASO and if your title has repetitive or excessive use of keywords, then be ready to receive a major rejection from the users and the store respectively.

So you have to use the keywords not stuff the keywords…Do not let your imagination to rule out here, but go as per the algorithm of Android and iOS market, which clearly indicates that app title containing keywords have 10.3% more chances to get noticed, but the rule makes it clear that don’t overstuff the keywords.

Users Find The App Automatically

There is a very common misconception which suggests that if app is there n the stores, it does get downloaded automatically, but this is indeed a wrong approach and you cannot ever rely on your app’s presence on the app stores to bring more downloads, rather you need to follow a series of SEO and ASO strategies to make your app get noticed by the users and make your app downloaded as a result.

Description Is Not A Vital Aspect

Some of the marketers live in their own cocoon and fail to grow further with a misconception that app description can be anything as a random act.

But you need to understand that app description has a huge weight whether it is for Android or iOS. The app description does not affect the app ranking at all, but for sure it does help your app a lot in getting noticed by the users and compelling them to download it further.

The ASO becomes successful when it is available sans the myths and the pitfalls, and with a more robust strategy, it helps your mobile app to grow and rank higher.

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