Stretchable batterie

Technology has taken some new turns over the past few years, allowing for almost anyone to take all of their information with them anywhere they go. Cell phones have become smaller, then bigger, then smaller again. You can easily find a device to fit your size and data needs. Some of the more advanced concepts have made it possible for devices to be flexible. This flexibility allowed for less possibility of breakage and increased carrying comfort. The one thing holding many devices back from being completely flexible, however, were the lithium batteries.

Until now, this was the one thing that had to remain in its original form. New technology, however, has made this item flexible now, as well. The wires involved are made longer to allow for more movement in a variety of directions. There are narrow tiles of a lithium-ion battery included in this concept. A soft rubbery material is used to bond them. This power source can stick to different surfaces, and is even able to charge itself, eliminating the need for frequent charge breaks.

The battery has been a problem up until now, because when a battery is created smaller in size, they do not have the capacity to hold an adequate charge. These new batteries will hold a decent charge, but should, still, not be considered for heavy duty power tasks. This, however, is a great option for daily tasks and communication needs.

Miniscule solar panels were also added to the battery for constant charge possibility. This new battery choice can reach up to 30% of the originating length and still function well. The combination of the new material and the solar panels has solved to crucial problems, flexibility, and longevity.