Orthotics are the inserts made to put in your footwear so that it can support your feet, improve your posture or alignment and sometimes can even correct any deformities in the body. It helps you to balance your body in that particular footwear and also helps in increasing your mobility.

There are various over the counter orthotics available, but these are not so beneficial and is generally a waste of money. On the other hand, if you go for Custom Orthotics, these inserts have many benefits as they are designed by keeping in mind the task it is supposed to do. They are made after analyzing your body and are specific to you only. These are also termed as Arch supports.

Custom Orthotics: The Process

Custom Orthotics

If you have pain while walking or doing any activity then you should consult the ortho specialist, who will perform tests to analyses where the problem lies. The tests that will be performed are biomechanical test and gait analysis. They are done so that it can be understood whether the Custom Orthotics will be beneficial in your situation or not.

If it is beneficial then to make these insoles the specialist will:

  • Take cast plaster of Paris to your foot.
  • The mold that is generated using plaster of Paris is then used to make Custom Orthotics in the lab. It is fabricated using different materials analyzing how it will be used. It must provide support and shock absorption maximum to the patient.

Benefits of getting Custom Orthotics

Almost 80% of the population has some or the other problem in their gait or feet, due to which they face problems or pains while doing activities. Custom Orthotics have gained popularity recently because of many benefits that it is offering the person wearing it. It can improve your balance or even can help in evenly distributing the pressure and shock in the whole foot by sporting it. Another few benefits if Custom Orthotics is as beneath:

  • If you are having pain in foot, back or leg it can help you get relief from that pain.
  • Most of us suffer from improper alignment, and custom orthotics can help correct it.
  • They support the heel and arch of our foot.
  • Occurrence of corns, blisters and calluses is less after using them.
  • Since the pressure is distributed, you can walk or run for longer period of times.

Don’t go for over the counter Insoles; rather choose Custom Orthotics as they are made after assessing and analyzing your problem.

Who can use Custom Orthotics?

Custom Orthotics

  • Though it is thought that the person who is suffering from any ailment or deformity of any kind should use it, but it is not limited to only those people. It will definitely help the patients but is available for general masses as well.
  • You can use them even if you are all well and not facing any problem to prevent any further deformity. Sports person can use them to increase power and stamina level.
  • It is recommended that people who are overweight should try to use these insoles as they can help relieve the stress on the ligaments of their legs. If it is in your routine to stand for long hours, or if you have had any leg injury before then it can benefit you.

One must remember that these Custom Orthotics is just a support and solution for your ailment, but you will still need to work, take care and move your muscles in a manner that no unnecessary strain or stress is caused to them. You should wear these insoles as long as you can to see improvement in your posture. Also, if you are using multiple shoes in a day then it is best advisable to get more pairs of these for each type of foot wear.