It is not a secret to state that Instagram is a popular form of social networking app, which has somewhat become an instant star in the social media space. Facebook recently set its sight on this platform way early on and the company purchased this app in 2012 for $1billion dollars. Right from that time, IG showed a rapid growth like fire. Right from 2015 to 2017, the network’s current pool of the monthly users will double in size and has now reached a total of over 700 million. There is practically no hint that this shining star with fade anytime soon.

So, marketers are well aware of the time when you have to capitalize on Instacraze now. There are loads of businesses struggling with social media right as a whole. Moreover, around 94% of B2C marketers are currently using Facebook, but only 66% of them are effective. On the other hand, when asked which social platforms they are working on, marketers will always rank IG as the dead last, right behind Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube. But, there has been a craze to buy Instagram likes, as IG is performing as a great business platform for your use.

The reason behind the struggle:

The primary reason to struggle with social media is mainly that of the new networking platforms, which are shifting its power right in favor of customers. For succeeding in social media at this present moment, brands need to work for creating communities. Not only that but they have to foster beneficial relationships. In order to succeed in IG, interaction and community building form crucial parts of the lot. So, to help you in this field of community building crisis, there are some proven marketing strategies to capitalize on InstaCraze and start working on your own brand creation.

Try to establish the clear identity and make it your own;

For all the starters out there, businesses have to gain an approach development on IG in the same way they might begin website development. It is mostly associated with a clear plan on how your design is going to be used for establishing brand identity.

  • You can hit it off by designing profile on IG. Here, you have three major things to consider and those are URL link, profile picture, and description. In terms of the profile picture, you can try considering to personalize it in the best way to match your brand. For that, you can select the consistent logo or work with the personal photo of anyone who is brand’s face.
  • In terms of profile description, you better watch out for SEO! In this sector, it is quite important to use keywords for helping users know everything about your brand. You have to keep the service sweet, short and also to the point.
  • At last, you need to select a style and consistent theme for posts, which might fit the bill of the brand’s identity and design of the website. For example, if your business is revolving around clothes and fashion, then it is always clever to keep the posts side by side with an inspiring, colorful and trendy vibe to it.
  • It is also vital for you to take some advantages of the intrinsic grid layout of the platform. You have to utilize white space for framing posts, or even map posts so that each one can reveal a smaller portion of a larger picture. This tactic is perfect for keeping content fresh and even heightening user excitement and suspense for what is going to come next.

Create some engaging contents:

In this current fast pacing and the fast-tracked world, time is one major commodity you cannot work without. Therefore, people are always relying on visuals more for gathering information as they don’t have time to read through boring articles or blogs all the time. As Instagram is an entirely visual platform, it is rather imperative that your brand needs to deliver quality an beautiful images on every post possible.

  • Avoid creating content only for its sake. It has to be engaging visually and worth the time of users as well.
  • Trying to utilize the power of the grid and releasing a portion of an entire picture at one time is a clever way to just keep users intrigued and engaged.
  • On the other hand, you have live video, which is yet another way to engage and further increase transparency and trust in a brand.

Working your way out with hashtags:

Staying right ahead of the pack will require marketers to watch trends constantly and develop some of the new skills. It means the brands have to use and revamp the current hashtag game at a continuous flow. Hashtags will categorize millions of posts which otherwise get uploaded to IG on daily basis. They are mainly the basis of current content discovery and also a basis of finding and even building community on the network.

  • Just like the SEO platform, the team needs to provide some research and figure out hashtags, which are going to work best to target users and the brand’s community on a platform.
  • Once you have a proper list by your side, it is mandatory that you drop around 10 to 15 community-based hashtags on each post. You have a liberty to add as many as 30 hashtags. These will work as breadcrumbs which will lead your potential users to a band.
  • On the other hand, you can often try developing some of the branded hashtags. These products will be unique to the brand and will allow you to just promote brand specified campaigns.
  • Followers of these campaigns will be encouraged to post some pictures of them on a network using the most promising hashtags of all time. Later, the photos will be selected by the brand and posted on their official website.

These few steps are easier to follow and can finally help you to build the brand on Instagram. Always remember that nothing works in a fortnight and you have to dedicate some time to it. But, if you use the steps properly, you will receive positive respond later.