A digital marketing strategy helps top align your efforts of marketing with sales and growth goals. It assists you to identify the essential customer and tells you the channel he is using most. It will advise you on the message that will reach to him. The most important thing is that it comes up with a feedback loop that generates continuous insights and data about operations and audiences. As a marketer, you need to know what your audience wants by watching and monitoring the way they behave. The key to captivating your target audience is by creating content that is not just engaging but personalized, timely, and smart.

Strike the right tone on the site

What would the homepage say to the visitor if it did not have words? You need to choose the images and colors intentionally for them to deliver the desired message which speaks for your brand. The consumers of today have sharp eyes for overused stock images. They have the likelihood to get drawn in the images, photos, and videos which blend naturally with web design.

Having a site with balanced user experiences with digital marketing tools is the game changer. The desired call to action and simple language encourages interaction with customers. Conversely, big content blocks will overwhelm visitors. A fast fix is breaking content down with bullet points, images, graphic elements, and icons. You need to make sure that your site is easy and intuitive for the users to navigate it. Site visitors that cannot find info fast will not come back. Make sure that the content is relevant. Each section on the site has to value additional and purposeful.

Marketing In micro-moments

Technology has made things easy for marketers to learn the way customers behave. Utilizing smart technology and micro-moments will put you ahead of marketing in 2018.

Apps and blogger outreach services can tell you the location of your clients, the products they usually buy, and the time they will be online. This is the data that you need to attend to for success in this year. The challenge you have is how to tap into this data to get messages in front for customers when needed. Why should someone go shopping while you there is a perfect product on the phone just when they were almost searching for it? These are referred to micro-moments, and they attract shoppers that are ready to purchase on impulse.

You can design a micro-moment ad by giving the client an idea at a glance; add a visible call to action, make the call to action accessible all at once, and optimize the content for the mobile apps.

Have you delayed to get the chat application on your site? Clients in 2018 expect to chat with professional with knowledge immediately. A chat box is an excellent addition to digital marketing efforts if you are yet to implement it.

Smart content means differentiating content for current customers and prospects and personalizing each one’s experience. Greeting somebody by name while visiting your site makes the experience personal; Personal experience ties directly to the mood of your brand.

Focus on Content Development

Either remote or in-house, creative groups are the marketing thought leaders of the year 2018. Creative groups that specialize in design, graphics, and writing know ways of creating meaningful content for attracting prospects from different industries. Great writers know right words combined with appropriate images can tell a story about your brand in a micro-moment that captivates the prospect. Experienced designers and writers create the voice and tone that assists prospects in connecting personally with your brand.

Voice in your SEO Strategies

Analysts say that majority of searches are being done using voice. This means that if you have not yet included voice in the SEO strategy, it is now the right time to start. Marketers understand the benefit of quality content to move up the search ladder. It is getting more interesting with voice search. The goal is being in the desired position zero when the Google Assistant is answering the question of the user. Position zero is the featured snippet appearing on top of the search page. Content optimization for the featured snippet block is crucial to getting features for voice search.


As you finalize on the marketing plans you have for 2018, the best thing you need to do is thinking like the customer. Customers are on the lookout for services and products while waiting in line for other items. They keep communicating even on trains, ride-sharing, and planes. You need to treat their downtime as your primetime. Give yourself the challenge of formulating a marketing plan that will make the business interaction as easy as taking a cup of coffee.