Entrepreneurs face a number of issues and productivity is one of them. From office to office, there’s a never-ending search for new ways to improve productivity. Of course, add to that the impact of the internet and active social media presence in our lives, and it’s obvious why attention spans are getting shorter. It’s up to the modern business owner to find new methods for employees to be more active.

Luckily, that’s achievable with little investment. The only thing you need to do is to equip and style your office the right way. Now, entertainment is important, but it doesn’t mean getting the biggest TV set. On the contrary, there are gadgets that every office should have in order to increase productivity.

Multitask windows

In modern lingo, multitasking has a negative connotation. However, the 21st century made us all into multitasking creatures. It seems impossible to do all the work on a single monitor all the time. Elevate their ability to work with Packed Pixels, additional monitors specifically designed for laptops.

Multitasking drains people when they have to move quickly from one task to the next. In most cases, it’s about shifting our attention among a few tasks usual office job consists of. Put all your task before you with multiple laptop monitors. Make your office more productive by fixing your attention to several issues at once without any effort. Next, it’s time to declutter your office space.

OCR Pens

There is another issue that concern multitasking and that is clutter. We tend to lose productivity when our workspace is too cluttered. A hectic environment and a work table full of scattered documents, papers, and supplies is not a place where anyone enjoys working, let alone works well. Declutter it with Pen convergence N1.  

Instead of having a mess of documents and supplies, remove them all with this OCR pen. OCR is an amazing technology which transfers written documents to digital. Remove complications with a special pen for paper and special equipment for computer, do it with a single pen. Later, transfer it all to the device that goes along with the pen. Reduce multitasking by managing better workflows.

Workflow printers

Easier multitasking and decluttering helps you to have a better workflow in your office. Often, employees drill office workflow in their soul. But, knowing what they have to do isn’t enough to execute it as planned. While there is sufficient desire, it may be prevented by inadequate office equipment.

These new age printers come with a multitude of options; they perform a number of tasks which makes office workflow faster. Also, the revolutionary white toner printers use laser transfer paper, thus boosting creativity as well as productivity of your collective.

Light-regulating gadgets  

Most offices lack several things detrimental to improved productivity. These are light and fresh air. An office with good light coverage makes employees more productive and happier. After all, they aren’t machines. While you can increase their efficiency, it won’t matter if they aren’t happy or refreshed.

Instead, prepare your office for optimal working conditions. Get them a Polar desk lamp. The adjustable lamps work amazingly both on day and night. It can be rotated to provide the best conditions for an individual employee.  However, even an office with sufficient light could be taken a step further. Think about office air.

Climate control devices

Great light support and fresh air are necessary for employees to be highly productive. Air pollution proves to be a major issue for most employees. Taking care of the office space and adjusting it to employee’s needs increases their productivity tenfold. Especially if it comes as a relatively small gadget.

You can have it with Foobot climate controller. It gives you an air pollution analysis in real time and reminds when you should air your office. Polluted air makes employees fatigued and dizzy. Air your office a few times a day and create an optimal working environment. Finally, make their work less stressful.    

Miniature zen gardens

It’s no secret that stress is a silent killer, and also should be the biggest concern of any workspace. When employees are stressed out they burn too quickly and tend to perform worse. Ideally, an office space should provide gadgets and spaces for employees to have fun and recover from work. Unfortunately, that tends to be a bit expensive.

However, you can still do some good for the price of less. Get them a Neon Fox Art zen garden. Green objects such as plants and gardens significantly increase productivity and wellbeing of employees. It’s noted that employees are less stressed when they are exposed to such colors. Also, they can play and express their creativity with this zen garden.

Finally, increasing office productivity isn’t about getting the most expensive tech gadgets you can find. It’s about finding the right ones to give your office something special. Make it a place where work becomes play. Playing can’t be hard, just enjoyable. Make it so.