When you are choosing a car for your family, you need to make sure the vehicle is right for both now and in the future. Families continue to grow and acquire new tastes in life. The car you pick should grow along with your family. These are some things to consider when looking for a vehicle.


There should be ample room to store luggage and gear in the car you choose. From driving on vacations to taking the kids to football practice, the vehicle should have plenty of room for everything. It should also have easy access to the storage area.

Passenger Room

There should be ample room for passengers in the back. Having cramped teenagers on a long journey will make everybody miserable. The rear seat should fit three across comfortably.

Safety Features

This should be at the top when considering a family vehicle. There should be a lot of different safety equipment available on the vehicle you choose, similar to the Honda crv. Some of these features should include front collision alarm with emergency auto braking, blind spot alerts, lane departure warning, pedestrian detection, and a monitor for drowsy drivers. You should also have a good outward view of traffic and other obstacles that might be in the way.


The car you choose should be well equipped with the latest tech which will help with your driving experience. Some of these items should include a navigation system, Bluetooth hookup, and an infotainment system. Other features can include LED lighting and cruise control that adapts to the traffic flow.


This is a vehicle that you will probably drive for a long time so it should look good to you. Getting in and out of the car should be easy without any struggle. The interior should have a modern look and easy to read display panels.

Fun to Drive

The car you choose should have good handling and performance. Braking should be strong and without any pulling or fading. It should also have capabilities to drive in snow and other increment conditions.


This is another element the vehicle you choose should have. It needs to be free of breakdowns and also checked for any type of recall. Online forums can be researched to see if others have had a problem with this particular model.

Fuel Economy

This is another thing to check before purchasing a family car. There will always be a lot of driving involved and a vehicle with good fuel mileage will be less expensive to operate. Look for a car that gets at least 30 combined miles per gallon.


Look for a vehicle with a four cylinder engine that gives a lot of power without sacrificing fuel economy. Some produce plenty of power while others need the help of a turbocharger. Whatever decision you make here, it needs to be an engine that you feel comfortable with.


A lot has changed with automatic transmissions the last several years. Several vehicles now have six, seven, and even nine speeds to help with performance and economy. A lot of these are geared for economy and shift upwards too fast and downward too slow. This will take a test drive to see if you are comfortable with the shifting pattern.

Constant velocity transmissions are also becoming a lot more common. This is another driving experience that requires getting used to. A lot of manufacturers are phasing out manual transmissions. There are still many around though and if you arw comfortable with this type, it might be what you are looking for.

A good family car should be safe, dependable, and get good fuel mileage. You should feel comfortable with any vehicle that you purchase. Don’t let someone pressure you into buying a car that you aren’t sure about. It’s your right to make a choice that you want.