Lower level management is the backbone of an organization’s success. Knowledge equals confidence and confidence equals success. There are many factors that go into shaping an effective management staff. Experience is important depending on what field the individual is engaged in different levels of experience is necessary. On top of experience education in a related field is a great way to diversify a manager’s portfolio. Having experience can often mean that experience has come from one or only a few organizations. Education brings in knowledge from a larger pool of scholars. Many organizations offer advancements in education, training and certification, this will aid in the likeliness of promoting from in house. The alternative option is hiring from outside. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Separate management or shareholders often hinder the effectiveness of making day to day and operational decisions. This is the nature of the business, luckily there are ways to continue business effectively. A great example would be the security industry, in the private sector security organization there is a chain of command similar to military and law enforcement organizations. Generally it starts from security guards or officers then lower level management, higher level management then the chief security officer. Understanding your company’s chain of command is step number one.

Giving the staff and management the ability to improve their craft is a great way in insuring the right decisions are being made. This would involve what I stated above education, training, certification as well as equipment. The more faith management shows to shareholders the more responsibilities they can take on. Incentives are great tools to promote loyalty for the company. Some incentives could be increase in pay employee recognition, recreational events and open door policies. The issue with this is it takes time as well as finances, when time and money is spent ensuring operations are running smoothly is a serious concern. Network virtualization is a great tool that will aid in the auditing faze of this program.

Virtualization takes physical forms of information and puts them into a software system. This allows for quick and easy checks of the organization to take place. Everything from spending, incident reports, program updates and changes are all involved in virtualization. If it is a physical form of information it can be virtualized. Not all employees can be trusted we hear in the news often of cases of espionage. Employees are all a potential risk of conducting espionage. This should be discussed in the risk assessment process. The good news is with virtualization information can be more effectively controlled meaning that sees what information can be controlled. Role based access control is a system that allows employees to see only the information that is needed to conduct their jobs. This reduces the likelihood of information being stolen and in the event espionage does take place the criminal is more likely to be found. With these tactics having an input in management’s decisions is possible. Promoting good ethical values and limiting information that is shared are all steps that will improve an organization.