Currently, With 4.77 billion mobile phone users at this time, there is no denying in saying that mobile app development services are the ideal place to put money into. Every new business is turning towards mobile app programs to reach the broader audience and enjoy increased ROI. However, it isn’t quite as simple as it appears.

There are billions of mobile apps on the market, which generates the requirement to remain updated with the rapidly changing market trends, customer behavior and other such factors to stay in the limelight. If you skipped one opportunity, may your app be going to be likely lost from the crowd of countless programs.

Are you ok with it? Probably not.

However, to remain updated with these variables, you need to gather and handle surplus of data which is quite an intimidating process manually. This is where Big Data plays a significant role in your market strategy.

Big Data

Big Data is a blanket term for the tools and technologies employed for collecting, organizing, and assessing large and diverse data collection – to discover market trends, consumer tastes, concealed patterns, correlations between distinct insights and even more that could assist the company to make more effective marketing strategies.

There are several Big Data tools in the market used for determining price efficacy, managing time and assessing information to bring out valuable business insights.

Top Brands Utilizing Big Data Analytics

Though many companies use Big Data technology to gather customer-focused data in real time and deliver them with the best of solutions. The names that popular are:


Amazon utilizes Big Data technology for predictive analysis by which they reveal products very similar to what the consumers have searched, last time. In this manner they prompt the users to place an order, in addition to ensure customer loyalty. Besides this, they analyze the time interval when maximum traffic, products highly searched by the users and other such factors utilizing Big Data.


Uber employs Big Data Analytics tools for different purposes. For example- When you request a taxi, the company analyzes the real-time traffic requirements, accessibility to a driver nearby, needs of automobiles in the area, time estimation for the travel, etc. Using the obtained information, they provide an estimated quantity to be billed and waiting period by implementing the idea of Surge pricing.

How? They used Big Data to ascertain the possibility of success in that place based on various aspects, such as demographic, traffic, customer behavior etc.

5 Ways Big Data is essential to Mobile App Development and Marketing

A mobile app has to be fast, captivating and easy for getting higher traffic in the program marketplace. However, the most essential factor is the fact that it has to meet the user’s needs and become their first choice. Big Data Technology Enables the hire mobile app developer in this circumstance by the following ways:

To serve the consumers with exceptional services and stay in their heads, it’s required to understand their needs. Because of this, you have to examine insights gathered from other sources, including social network channels. With the support of Big Data Analytics and other Machine Learning tools, it is not difficult to set the data under different categories and forecast another step to be obtained through the data.

It increases your success rate in international markets

To deliver exquisite mobility options, it is necessary that you’ve got some idea of how consumers from various nations relate and react to a mobile app. Here, big data provides you with all the filtered data according to the location, age, gender, etc. and helps you to target the users accordingly.

It helps in enhancing the functionality

  • Thanks to Big Data technology, the programmers can easily monitor how much traffic that their application is currently creating. This way, they can easily improve their program performance and protect against user abandonment.
  • The companies nowadays have to stay with the changing trends every now and then. Big Data helps in this situation by offering real-time data, using the marketers can adjust to the changes called in the market even in the center of a campaign.
  • Big Data Analytics provides the organizations with information which help them to take rapid decisions that would bring higher profit to the new in the future. With a pool of data regarding the users behavior (their likes, dislikes, needs, expectations, place, etc.), you can easily determine which type of push notifications must be sent to the users for conversion, or that which approach will aid in engaging them. This will raise the amount of users engaged and in the end, the app revenue.
  • For any company, a cell program might be the center of their electronic marketplace plan. However, Big Data is what enables to get the best of it. It offers more personalized and real time data using which one is the best for the user perspective needs of their users in the best manner. Currently, almost 73% of companies are utilizing Big Data for growing their business, and this number increases in the next several years.

“Now, as you probably know, different ways in which Big Data can raise your program visibility and bring more traffic, invest in it now!”

As mentioned above, iPhone app development demands a proper analysis and proper description of the consumer’s experience. Substantial data covers the comprehensive 360-degree of their consumer’s experience using an app, which can offer a very clear impression of their top“attention and hassle” points from the consumer’s experience. After all of the crucial analysis was completed, knowing the collective behavior of these users will set an whole collection of their needs and needs the consumers have with that mobile app.

What’s more, it can help the developers in thinking up new programs and thoughts. By researching the huge information connected with the very best software that share the identical market as the one that’s being assembled, the programmers can find better methods to be sure the new one is more aligned with all the consumers requirements and expectations.

As an instance, to create a fitness app, the programmers can explore the top-rated programs in this market. for example, Argus, Runkeeper or Fitstar fitness expert and determine exactly what exactly the consumers need their physical fitness programs to perform for them. This will aid the iOS app developmentcompany comprise the many sought-after attributes including pedometers and calorie counters, together with these innovative, new characteristics that would potentially offer the new program an edge over others.

Recognizing and utilizing large data

  • The quantity of information generated by consumers has already spanned the Petabyte degree and amounts to many Zettabytes, also it is increasing briskly every day. The quantity of raw data stored across the planet is projected to get the Yottabyte amount in the next several years. It resembles the quantity of unstructured information generated just in the last couple of years has exceeded the entire number of information generated prior to it. Therefore, chewing down and trapping this large number of relevant advice can simply be achievable with high level analytics. On the other hand, the attempt surely is logical because it can create precious information which may be employed to maximize the achievement of current programs and create creative and more powerful fresh ones.
  • The app marketplace is projected to cross the $100 billion mark and climb around $189 billion in US dollars by 2020, provided that many users worldwide have nearly entirely produced a transition from laptops to smartphones and tablets. Therefore, developing better software is apparently the upcoming big thing in electronic development.
  • Mobile programs are a lot more volatile in comparison with pc programs. As a mobile program is more inclined to be easy in display and features, it’s absolutely necessary for all those easy, special qualities to induce the attention of their users. Along with the best approach to accumulate this kind of relevant and precise information is by way of large data analytics, that will be destined to create huge information a multibillion-dollar business in the next several years.

As we have understood, the near future of app will proceed together with this of large data. Analytics experts will invent new approaches for translating the huge number of unsorted information to discover key attributes for the next generation of programs.

You cannot know what – but you may use the information accessible to understand as much as you can create mobile app that will make you very wealthy. Make the most of the data and make an unbelievable user experience.