Bitcoin fell below $4,000 on Monday after setting all time highs last week – Bitcoin fell on Monday, as fears grew the digital currency could face a second split in November.

On the U.S.-based Bitfinex exchange, bitcoin fell to $3997.8, down $139.3 or 3.37%.

Following the adoption of the first part of Segwit2x, a software upgrade to speed up transactions on the bitcoin network, investors feared that the second part of the Segwit2x update due November, could result in a second split in the blockchain supporting bitcoin.

The second part of the SegWit2x seeks to double the transaction capacity on the bitcoin network, allowing speedier transactions, however, not all members of the bitcoin community agree with the proposal, raising fears of a yet another split in the digital currency – an event known as a ‘hard fork’.

Bitcoin’s blockchain split into two on August 2, after members of the bitcoin community rejected the first part of the SegWit2x upgrade, creating a competing cryptocurrency currency called ‘Bitcoin Cash’.

Bitcoin Cash fell 17.59% to $583.10, after rallying to an all-time high of $935.50 over the weekend while Ethereum, rose by 12.48% to $332.60. [Investing]