Everex, a blockchain credit and money transfer platform which launched its token sale yesterday today reported raising 30,000 ETH, or over $6 million USD at current rates within the first 24-hours of the ICO start. This success comes from contributions of more than 1,900 individuals so far.

Yesterday, the startup reported other excellent news giving momentum for the crowd sale when they announced that Holley Group, a Chinese multinational manufacturing group, invested $500,000 into the company. The investment marked Holley Group’s first investment in the fintech sector. Holley Group and Everex came to terms on July 19th, which will see the trans-regional firm, with assets in excess of $200 million, expand its influence into Thailand.

The Singapore-based Everex, whose digital cash transfer platform Cryptocash uses blockchain technology to facilitate a public credit system, has run tests of its product suite in Thailand. More than 100 migrant workers in the country used Everex to send money home to Myanmar. Besides its micro-lending and cash transfer solution, Everex has developed a Crypto-asset wallet, Everex Wallet, as well as other products and services.

$500k deal finalized on July 19th between Everex and Holley

Wenxin Liu, Regional President of Holley Group ASEAN Region Headquarters said:

“Holley has always been involved with technology investment activities in China. Investing in Everex is the first investment we have made into a technology startup in Southeast Asia. Not only do we like the Everex team and its product, but we want to support the region’s financial infrastructure and believe particularly in the future of blockchain.”

“So, it’s not just a single project investment, but an investment into the future. We believe Everex will make a huge contribution on cross-border transactions while serving banks, financial institutions, and individuals. Holley will continue to support Everex to achieve this big dream.”

Alexi Lane. Everex CEO said:

“Alongside groundbreaking technology based on the Ethereum blockchain platform, strategic partnerships with ethical multinational corporations like Holley is key to our goal of financially including the underserved globally.”

“Ethereum, and blockchain technology generally, have the capacity to lower transaction costs, increase transparency and onboard diverse swathes of individuals who don’t have access to the financial services many of us take for granted.”

Some token sale details:

The EVX token sale is live now and will come to an end as soon as 70,000 Ether have been raised (30,000 ETH was raised in the first 24-hours as noted above).

During the sale, EVX will be offered in 5 price tiers:

Tier 1, starting on July 24, at 09:00 am GMT
1 Ether will buy 250 EVX

Tier 2, starting on July 27, at 09:00 am GMT
1 Ether will buy 225 EVX

Tier 3, starting on August 3, at 09:00 am GMT
1 Ether will buy 200 EVX

Tier 4, starting on August 10, at 09:00 am GMT
1 Ether will buy 190 EVX

Tier 5 staring on August 17, at 09:00 am GMT
1 Ether will buy 180 EVX

The sale period will not exceed beyond August 31, at 08:59 am GMT.