In this tutorial you will learn how to fund your BitShares account with Bitcoin via OpenLedger.

In BitShares you will receive OPEN.BTC, an “I owe you” provided by CCEDK. That means that this IOU is guaranteed to be backed with 100% reserves.
Click on Account in the top navigation bar to open up your account overview, here.
Click Deposit/Withdraw to open the corresponding page, here.
Let’s use the CCEDK gateway. Click here.
Now let’s find the OPEN BTC row.
Copy paste -this- bitcoin address in your favorite Bitcoin wallet’s send field … and hit send.
Great ! Now we wait until the Bitcoin transactions confirms at CCEDK’s end, and the OPEN.BTC will arrive in our account.
Fast forward until the Bitcoin network confirms the transaction….
There we go. That’s all there is to it.
You have now successfully funded your OpenLedger account with Bitcoin.

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