HR keeps businesses running. Anything related to payroll, hiring, or employees in general, will find its way to HR somewhere along the line. That’s why a professional, highly-skilled HR department is key to any business. Although a lot of HR depends on who is on your team, there are some things you can do to make sure HR is functioning at its peak performance. Don’t get bogged down in paperwork and guidelines. Instead, try some new techniques to boost your HR performance.

1. Hire HR Employees

When hiring, look for HR employees with experience if you’re hiring for the first time. Make sure they know what it takes to develop and maintain an HR department. Evaluate their personality and decide whether or not it will build up your business or strain your business. If you find someone perfect for your business, but they want employee benefits you don’t have, consider setting them up. HR employees should be top-notch at first.

2. Train Your HR Employees

Running an HR department requires a lot of communication. If you don’t know how to communicate with your HR department, start practicing now. HR employees have lots of people skills but may not know how you want your department to work. If they try and bring previous practices from another job that you don’t like, tell them. If they bring positive practices, encourage those and consider recommending them for the whole workplace. Work with everything your new employees bring to the table.

3. Attend Conferences

Conferences can help change employee mindset and perspective if you feel like your business is entrenched. If you can’t get your business to change at work, a new locale helps people look at things from a new perspective. Consider attending hr technology conferences to help introduce new technology to your HR department in a seamless, informative way. Your HR should be able to adapt to changing policies and technologies, and conferences will help them do that.

4. Get Feedback on HR Performance

One of the best ways to know how your other employees feel about the HR department is to ask. The success of an HR department is determined by its ability to positively and effectively work with others. If your other employees feel like they’re not being listened to, ask for both sides of the story. When you don’t know how effective the new policies you’ve introduced through HR are, conduct a survey to determine employee satisfaction and performance. Be willing to incorporate feedback from other departments into your HR department if it will help boost business unity.

5. Experiment a Little

If you feel like the surveys suggest that some things just aren’t working within your HR department or business, make a change. Don’t try and fix the whole business at the same time. Instead, experiment with one change at a time. That will make it easier for you to determine whether or not that change is having a positive effect. Ask employees for input and ideas and consider them all, but only use the one that you determine will be most successful. If that plan won’t work, save the other ideas as backup plans and move down the list until something does.

6. Reward High-Performing HR Employees

Don’t forget to reward HR employees who go above and beyond with communication, coordination, or teamwork. HR employees that build unity are crucial to attitudes within your business about the HR department. Make it clear to your HR employees that they are valuable and so is the rest of the business. You can all only succeed together.

HR isn’t simply important as an individual organization within your business, they affect your entire business. How your HR behaves can affect the attitudes and performance within every department. HR is worth investing in, whether that be through investments of time or money, make sure your HR department is being properly supported and managed.