Many Entrepreneurs start their company to take it to a point where the talks of Billion dollars begin. Keith Teare in this video explains how a startup can become a Unicorn or at least can try to be. The process of funding is complicated and turning nothing into everything requires hard work and smart thinking. The main agenda of the video lies in telling Entrepreneurs, how startup funding has changed, what are the investors looking for, How to think on startup ideas, How to explain those ideas to investors and to know all of this an illustrated example.

Keith Teare is the Founder at the Palo Alto incubator, Archimedes Labs. Archimedes was the original incubator for TechCrunch and since 2011 has invested, accelerated or incubated many Silicon valley startups including Quixey, (sold to GoDaddy), Loop Surveys, DownTown and Weendy. He is also CEO and founder of and ContextPlane Inc – two of the incubated companies.

As an Entrepreneur you need to know about the skill of storytelling, Keith explains the concept of storytelling with some tricks up his sleeve.