Professional networks are no longer confined to attending events and meeting rooms. Through the growth of their professional circles, professionals can create career paths that are impactful across the globe, and this can be achieved even at their desk. Social media has made everyone almost a global citizen. For example, it can take a few seconds for someone on the other side of the world to like and comment on an Instagram post or respond to a tweet. While social media may seem like an insignificant interaction, harnessing the power of the internet with your career goals in mind can unlock a lot of networking opportunities.

Utilize Social Media

With social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s an opportunity for professionals to expand their global network. Anyone with a connection to the internet has a chance to interact with anyone around the world. Being an active Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Twitter member can be an opportunity to trigger a conversation that instigates. However, professionals can consolidate their digital presence and improve their online profile by working with link building services to create a unique online destination, which other people can use as an avenue to reach you. Professionals can use this space to make their brand more recognized than ever and showcase what they do to gain a global following.


Of course, professionals have to make their interactions professional and respectful as they would do at a networking event. Just because online communication isn’t one-on-one doesn’t mean that online etiquette isn’t vital. For example, if you hope to start a conversation by email, allow the recipient ample time to reply before you follow them up, and be respectful as you would in an office environment. Social media platforms are public forums, so keep in mind that the world is your audience even if you are communicating with one person. Of course, you want to capitalize on social media to put your public image and reputation out there.

Gather Opinions

Professionals should perceive e-networking as attending a conference or seminar led by an influential person whose ideas and work can impact your performance. As such, professionals should take advantage of any Q&A segment to ask as many questions as they can. Professionals don’t need a forum to put their issues out there. The first interaction triggers a conversation, so you should ask questions that others can respond to. You should try to get the opinion of the recipients and seek their advice based on their area of expertise and knowledge.

Be Specific

While communicating with people around the world has become easy, sending generic emails to everyone won’t generate the best response. You might need to research the audience you already know or perhaps you would like to get in touch with. It can be a dream mentor or an entrepreneur whose career you admire or have followed. You can create a wish list and send emails to everyone you would like to introduce yourself to and explain the reason you would want to work with them.

Follow Up

Whatever is necessary for a professional to connect around the world, mentorship and inspiration can keep their conversation in motion. However, like all work-related relationships, once someone has broken the ice, the next thing is to maintain the conversation and allow it to flow as organically as possible. For example, instead of checking it once in a month, get in touch with your audience when prompted by something newsworthy. It can be a few months or a couple of times in a year, but the dialogue should flow as naturally as possible, but you might need to put your effort if you are connecting with a dream mentor. Anything that will differentiate an entrepreneur or professionals can help them get a quick response. Like a career, a global network depends on how an entrepreneur or professional has built it.