Mobile technologies have revolutionized the way we live, travel, shop, and work. A radical explosion in technological innovation has also fueled the growth of the mobile industry.

Globally, it has emerged as a firsthand engine of economic growth. Mobile Applications are a business nowadays. Various performance improvements and increasing consumer adoption have propelled mobile devices to become the fastest opted medium of all time.

With 3G and 4G standards, consumers are deriving enormous value from these devices. This way it is skyrocketing the need of business owners to invest in mobile applications. Be it retail or game development or any other industry, everyone is jumping in the tide of mobile applications.

SMEs that have adopted for advanced mobile technologies are the fastest growing as per various market surveys. When describing a variety of mobile platforms available to develop mobile applications, Android and iOS are two popular ones.

Both of these have a different set of advantages to offer. In this writing, I shall be discussing the benefits of choosing iOS app development over Android. Let’s get started below:-

More Control and Stability

iPhone gives us a closed ecosystem. A technical ecosystem refers to an environment where digital devices and other software are designed to work with one another.

Apple is restricted to a closed technical ecosystem. That means it regulates permission to use its platform. Content restriction to specific devices as well (supported by that ecosystem).

We should not take this restriction as a limitation. However, iOS app development company gets the advantage of creating applications with more control and stability.

With this said, purchasing a device with a closed ecosystem will cost more to users. That is why Apple devices and app utilization costs more to the end users.

Easier Programming and Development

Another aspect to think about while developing a mobile application is Release Cycle adherence. At users’ end, using the latest software versions within their platform is preferred. Because it is important to write an application in the code that is compatible with the latest software versions.

In the case of Apple, almost users run their devices on the latest versions. It makes the programming and application development easy for iOS developers.

You simply need to remain open for the future version upgrades for an optimized UX (based on current software version).

But if a software version is released only a few months ago, you won’t need to worry at all.

Serve Tablet Market as well

When we think of mobile applications, we focus on mobile devices. To capture more target niche, business owners shouldn’t forget tablets. It is a major consideration for every mobile application development.

Over a stretch of 5 years, tablet ownership has increased. It showed an increase of 40% in the US market alone. This number is poised to grow in the near future. Thus, you need to keep tablet devices into consideration when you are developing your mobile application.

In regards to Apple devices, the iPad is a famous one. It is a leading tablet vendor with a share of approx. 28.8 % of device shipment globally.

Apple tablets are quite fancy and easy to use, thus becoming a popular choice amongst users. This way, if you have considered building an iOS app development, you are gaining an additional advantage of the tablet market as well.


The mobile market is quite extensive with no signs of slowing down in the future. At present, there are more mobile users than desktops. As such, the mobile app development industry needs to grow over to match the roaring demand being achieved.

Though both hold a significant role still, the convenience and ease to use mobile devices is gaining over others. Be it Android or iOS, having a mobile application is obligatory rather an option. If you don’t take the mobile market potential seriously, your business is definite to lose drastically.

In this article, I discussed some essentials of iPhone app development that are considerate for long-term success. With the iOS platform, let there be no doubt that you have entered the mobile market very well with an infinite promise of a flourishing business.