As we draw closer the end of 2018, businesses are interested in the trends for the new year. Technology is constantly changing and improving and it is important for businesses to remain both current and competitive. It can be difficult for a business to differentiate, scale and maintain trust in a market that is constantly changing.

The Reliable Content

Businesses are expected to place their trust in reputable content such as editorial and branded sites and reviews as opposed to ads. By the beginning of 2019, thirty percent of all consumers using the internet are expected to have ad blockers. This means a traditional ad will reach less than thirty percent of the targeted audience. Ads must have additional relevance to be valuable and relevant to the consumer. This is the reason money will be going into influencer marketing, content marketing and referral partnerships. These methods deliver actual value and will continue until ads become more valuable and worthwhile for the purposes of the consumer.

The New Creativity

Businesses will be set apart by creativity and not conformity. The majority of people believe print media is essentially dead. Most businesses are now digital and this is what consumers have come to expect. There is a new trend expected to develop for print marketing. Physical address can be obtained for clients using software. This enables businesses to be creative and unique by sending out print newsletters. This type of business campaign has the potential to be highly successful because in the technological era, it is different. This may become one of the ways to engage audiences due to the creativity involved with this type of distribution.

Eliminating The Barriers

Many businesses have inadvertently eliminated opportunities due to the barriers between the different departments. They are unable to perform certain actions due to massive red tape. Businesses are expected to restructure to enable the different departments to work together smoothly and efficiently. This will benefit sales, communications with the investors, the recruitment of internal training and numerous additional areas. The belief is if a company does not eliminate these barriers the business will fail. The expectations are once these barriers are gone, it will fuel great content, better talent, improved investor relations and decrease costs.

Customer Communication

The recent evolvements in technology have made customer communication vital. Consumers expect businesses to communicate in a way that caters to their preferences, encompasses modern devices and technology and makes them feel comfortable. It has become critical for a business to be aware of the communication preferences of their customers. Experts in the field have made numerous predictions for this area in 2019. The expectations are nearly half of all consumer searches will be made using voice. As smart homes and smart watches become the norm, what consumers all looking for will change and businesses must keep up or be left behind.

The Importance Of Authenticity And Customer Service

There us no way to stop the advances in technology and marketing automation. Businesses must market on a more effective scale to improve decisions, scale more efficiently and decrease operational costs. The biggest issue is these advances often come at the expense of the relations with the consumers. Most businesses have spent years building consumer relations and these are critical for the survival of the business. While it remains true the basics are covered by automation, customer service, direct assistance and a personal touch are necessary to retain the customer base. Steps must be taken in 2019 to improve customer relationships. This can be accomplished with specialized promotions, advanced guest printing, a better understanding of the individual customers and appearing as authentic to the client base. This will lead to customers spending more money, remaining with the company longer and improved sales.