For the last decade we can feel really proud of all the technical improvements made in the automotive industry. Every year we are surprised with a new creative way of doing this. But, did you know that innovation happens faster and faster?

Future of car technology. This is only the beginning!

This is not the first time you hear about the exponential progress of technology. Imagine we wait five more years to own a car, a midsize sedan, for instance. Would that car be the same? If you could ask someone from 1984 to review a 2024 sedan prototype he would could think it is a spaceship, a time machine or something along those lines.

This shouldn’t be surprising. Future car developments will surprise us more and more for the upcoming years. The question is… will they eventually stop being ‘cars’?

Top 3 technologies we thought were Impossible

These are some advancements that could leave anyone amazed in 2019.

For example, there is ‘Microdots Technology’, a process that makes your vehicle always traceable even after dismantling the car. This makes robbery impossible.

There are also self driving cars. An Artificial Intelligence drive you wherever you need while you read a book, do some work or just relax. Those days were time was wasted because of transportation are over.

Some people do not believe in their reliability. What they do not know is that IA developers used elite drivers in a worldwide level to give their Intelligence the best knowledge that exists. There is a higher chance of you having an accident than being produced by a computer.

There are even models with 360 degree wheels already! Imagine when parking your vehicle and not even having to rotate it. By using this creative solution the handling would be perfect!

As you may see, right now in 2019 we experience all this ‘impossible‘ technologies everyday. And chances are we will experience more progress in the next 10 years than in the last 40 years (getting back to the sedan example).

Since this is one of the most competitive markets, it has the highest chance of disrupt the industry and come up with an idea that changes everything.

It is just a matter of time that the automotive industry solves all the problems it may be experiencing today. One of the reasons why the future is so exciting is because it always deliver more than you initially expected.

Customizable smart cars are another big trend. We are talking about digital intelligence who understands how you feel, knows everything about you and adapts to your needs and style once you interact with it long enough.

Car Technology Will Explore New Horizons

The process is simple. Human minds and skills upgrade linearly while machines do it exponentially. You you start seeing companies that solve needs you didn’t even know that you had. The secret innovation is technology.

By the time we are explaining this probably another brand have found a new idea to change the industry forever. And surprisingly the more complex and advanced it may look, the easier it is for the client to interact with the machine.

The real question is How does this affect you? Is the automotive industry only limited for transport? How can you take advantage of this technology? What is the limit? Only time will show.