It’s just like any other day, sitting at a desk all day long, having a hot cup of coffee, scrolling mails and then all of a sudden; you receive a notification that your cell phone bill is due.

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As the economy grows, smartphone bills are becoming expensive day by day. I mean after your grocery or utility cost, it might be just in the line of being the priciest item in your budget list. But fret not as there are different ways one can lower your cell phone bill. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are surrounded with a million different cellular providers and a plethora of plans to count. As a result, it can be overwhelming to choose an effective one while trying to decipher all the available options. The following post comes to the rescue!

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Switch to a no-contract plan– In case, you are already on a no-contract plan then it is okay but if not; its high time to consider switching to such a plan. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that without a contract, there won’t be any subsidized price on the latest cell phone for the span of every two years. In addition to this, you will also require purchasing a phone at full price upfront. Here the extra upfront cost might increase than offset by the savings on your monthly bill over having a two-year typical contract.

Keep your phone longer– As soon as you are on a no-contract plan, and your phone purchase is no longer bundled in your monthly cell phone bill. By doing this you can save further. The longer you keep your phone, the more you will be able to save. This has become quite easier to do nowadays as the development of new cell phone features and capabilities is not as dramatic and quick as it used to be.

Use Wi-Fi whenever possible– Well, wherever you go! One can take full advantage of available Wi-Fi to save data usage. Here you cannot just send messages but also send audio and video calls over Wi-Fi by using renowned apps such as WhatsApp and FaceTime.

Limit background data– Do you know that email and other apps especially the ones which run silently in the background can use a surprising amount of data. Turn off such data usage in your settings menu and get used to only checking email when you are on Wi-Fi.

Study your data usage– As soon as you have established the habit of using Wi-Fi whenever possible, don’t forget to take a look at actual cell phone data usage in the setting screen of your phone. Having a good understanding of data understanding of your data usage habits, just make sure that your cell phone plan corresponds well to your data needs.

Be careful when making international calls- In case, if you have friends and family residing overseas, international calls can cost you more. So try using Wi-Fi calling whenever possible. Apart from this, try signing up for the most appropriate international calling plan with your carrier. I am sure this will definitely help!