There is a common myth that the only way businesses use chatbots is for customer service. It is because, historically, customer service is one of the most ubiquitous use case for chatbots. Businesses have been using chatbots for answering common customer queries, completing orders, providing after sales support, and replacing the other customer-support tasks for sometime.

However, customer service is only one vertical of chatbot and all the big chat marketing strategies they support. Moreover, chatbots is much more than just virtual customer-service agents: they provide all the amazing tools for customer experience that radically changed the way businesses interact with their customers. Also, it enhances and automates sales, marketing, user experience, customer retention, and much more.

According to study by, 75% of businesses said that their main objective in the next coming years would be to improve the customer experience, it is evident that customer experience is important for the success of a business. When it comes to customer experience, chatbots have an edge over every other channel.

All the chat channels answers user’s queries based on the keywords. In fact, all the chat platforms are documented authentication system. This is something which is very frustrating. For instance, there are situations where users had asked Siri or Google Assistant a question and you received an incorrect answer for it.

At the present moment, chatbot won’t replace humans in call center jobs in the future. Presently, chatbots are capable of replacing some of the tasks people are currently working on, especially questions, requests, and user complaints at a lower level. These are the four ways which says that how chatbots are going to have a great impact on customer service and the world of customer experience:

Chatbots Answers User Queries Quickly

The concept of music on hold is a point of friction in customer service. With the use of chatbots, you no longer have to wait for your next client. There are many complicated chatbots out there which provides a five-fold increase in the capacity of the service center.

  • 24*7 Support

Customer service is about convenience to your customers, that includes 24*7 customer service support. It is an economical but most powerful manner to offer basic support through chat bots who is active all the time.

Customers get the same level of service they receive from the support staff or representative. Chatbot can easily recognize emotions of human like joy, confusion, fear, and anger. As discussed above, if the chatbot finds out that the customer is angry or frustrated, it will transfer the chat to the person without any issues to take responsibilities and help out the clients. 

  • Customizes Customer Experience  

For collecting the data of the customer from support interaction chatbots are excellent channels. After all, chatbots are the computer that completes this task. The benefit of having chatbots is that it allows direct support agents to use this information and customize their interactions with customers. 

Chatbot is a virtual channel which provide the data of the client to the agent in real time. With that, agents can provide their customers with good solutions and information on the basis of current requirements, as well previous purchase or chat with the company. 

  • Chatbots helps in Building New Relationships and Friends 

Many businesses want their customers to spend more time with their brand in order to establish regular and professional contact with their customers. For that chat networks are their to help you. Moreover, it completely revolutionizes how businesses communicate with their customers. 

Like a simple birthday text or simple email, or a quick check-in to see if they are enjoying the services of this brand or not. Furthermore, chatbots helps in increasing the brand loyalty. Some of the sophisticated chatbot chats can provide human being like experience rather than a person in real. These chatbots do not have bad days and do not get frustrated by ordinary customers. 


Studies and reports show that customers want quick & frictionless solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. Undoubtedly, there are acceptance problems for AI and chatbots. 

Some customers have always used traditional telephone assistance and find it difficult to accept anything else. However, there is a growing contingent of customers who are increasingly open to new technology, especially if they can improve their customer experience.

As technology improves and acceptance grows, chatbots, powered by AI, will play an important role in customer service and support. And gradually the chatbot development services will be demanded by the business. You should choose a reputed Chatbot app development company and get the most advanced chatbots for your business apps. Keep in mind that an advanced chatbot helps you improve your customer experience manifolds.