The predominant financial information website for Chinese speaking investors in the United States and abroad announced the launch of a cryptocurrency education and trading subscription service.

By Jordan Daniell


On August 14, 2017,, Inc. (CIIX) launched a new subscription-based service that will cover the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. The new service will provide timely news and analysis for cryptocurrencies, like Ether, including pricing and industry trends.

CIIX is a periodical with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai serving the Chinese speaking population in the United States and abroad. CIIX offers a variety of subscription services and websites for investment and educational content. Such topics range from basic information about companies listed on US exchanges and real-time analysis and market quotes to trend analysis of market sectors and trading simulations highlighting different trading techniques for instructive purposes. CIIX is renowned for providing its customers with educational content regarding how to evaluate investments using fundamental and technical analysis methodologies.

“Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have become a global phenomenon,” stated Warren Wang, founder and CEO of CIIX. “Since January 2015, the price of bitcoin has increased 500% from $200 to $1,000 in January 2017, and just spiked to a record high over $4,000 as US-North Korea tensions escalated. Likewise, Ethereum has surged from less than $10 to more than $300 this year.”

Asia has been a relative hotbed for cryptocurrencies since their inception in 2008 and implementation in 2009. This move by CIIX serves as an indicator that demand for cryptocurrencies and related information is still growing in Asia. Countries like China, which possesses an estimated 85% market share of bitcoin, along with neighboring nations like Japan, which recently legalized bitcoin as a form of payment, stand to benefit greatly from CIIX’s new service. Straightforward explanations of what cryptocurrencies are and how to use them will be included in the newly offered subscription. The news agency will also cater to experienced cryptocurrency users by providing content spanning from mining and blockchain technology to pricing trends and exchange traded funds.

Founded in 1999, CIIX has built a reputation primarily on real-time market commentary, advertising, and public relation related support services. In addition to its financial market services, CIIX also has a foothold in the US cannabis industry, investing in research, development, and distribution of cannabidiol (CBD) medicine and health products.

Jordan Daniell

Jordan Daniell is a writer living in Los Angeles. He brings a decade of business intelligence experience, researching emerging technologies, to bear in reporting on blockchain and Ethereum developments. He is passionate about blockchain technologies and believes they will fundamentally shape the future. Jordan is a full-time staff writer for ETHNews.