In today’s digital world, data is the key to everything and as such, its preservation and retrieval is paramount. Organizations spend vast amounts of money to back up and retrieve data. With news of security bleaches from various fronts, loss of information due to system break down of failure and malicious damage of data, more companies are turning to online based backup systems. With sync capabilities, these cloud based systems not only ensure the safety of the data, but also for employees to access crucial information anywhere anytime. Cloud based systems also allow for real-time updates and interaction between companies and/or their branches and subsidiaries.

Off site data backups are not only secure; they ease recovery in case of lost data. USB drives (flash disk, memory stick) are portable and easy to use. Coming in various memory sizes, it’s easy to pick one that suits their needs perfectly. For large capacities, portable hard drives are available and also come in varying memory sizes. DVDs and other discs are also convenient but require more care in handling and storage.

Walking On Cloud Nine Virtually

To reduce expense and the risk of loss, most organizations now prefer to back up their data online. Network attached storage like that offered by java system, JDBC Connection provide convenient and secure backup options. Working across all devices connected to the network, these systems periodically update themselves eliminating instances of forgotten data update. Capable of bridging between different platforms, and requiring only an internet connection, web based systems allow connections from even those in the field. Research findings are updated instantly and recommendations vetted efficiently without the need to crisscross the country.

Printing may sound primitive but to so extent, it offers one of the most reliable means of storing data. The risk of data loss is minimal as paper is affected by hardware or software failure. The downside of printing is the tremendous costs involved and the volume of paper needed to keep up with the constant flow of data. Important documents can be printed and stored in safes or deposit boxes in banks as a security measure since none of the back systems is foolproof.

Home Based Server Backups

If using more than one computer at home, an easy way to backup data is to set up a home server. This will act as a Network Attached Storage and it makes it harder for hackers to access the data. For Mac users, there is an option called Time Machine, where dedicated Time Capsules are used to automatically back up data, in lieu of the wireless Capsules, external hard disks can be used.

Most internet providers have their own version of cloud storage for its clients, though a little limited in capacity, these platforms offer safe storage for crucial data. The demerits of these apps are that third parties can sometimes access the information; they are also easy to hack and can be awkward to set up. But with technology evolving, data storage will become easier and safer.