The process of learning to code can be intimidating but applying the proper techniques and methods to learn to code the whole process can be made more enjoyable and easier to learn. learning to code can be fun and easy if some common methods are applied while learning. Coding is now a very unique skill set to have to be a front end or back end developer. The demand for good coders is on the rise. This article provides some guidelines for new coders that might be helpful when starting a new language learning.

Not Limiting Creativity

It is very important to be creative and check what all the commands and functions do. In the instruction, you will get only the codes to solve a particular problem. However, you should play with the codes and explore different commands and tags to see how the changes are affecting the results. You should not be afraid of any mistakes that can occur during the experiment with codes. This type of learning will make the basics stronger and would make you an expert coder in the future.

Understanding How the Code Works

It is essential to not only learn the codes but also to understand the working procedure of the codes. It can be compared to a math problem. In order to solve a math problem we just can’t memorize the math solution, we would need to understand how the problem is solved. Similarly to be a good coder it is absolutely essential to understand how a particular code works.

Asking for Help When Needed

in the beginning, you would need help more often and it is common. There are many online platforms where experienced coders are ready to provide help to you if you just ask for it. You can visit the platforms and ask your questions and hopefully, you will get multiple solutions for your problems. It is common to get help from more experienced coders as they had faced similar problems while they were learning like you to code. There are many resources available in svn and git. You might want to compare svn vs git but both provide great resources by users.

Committing to a Regular Number of Hours Daily

When you are at the beginning phrase it is essential to practice the coding daily. Coding can be hard to learn but very easy to forget. Without regular practice, it is common to forget everything you have learned so far and you might have to begin again from scratch. It is also essential to take regular breaks when needed while learning to code. It can be an exhausting experience to learn to code so regularly scheduled breaks are essential for proper learning.

Seeking for Online Resources

There are many resources online that provide free resources for coding. The platforms may provide resources in the form of video tutorials, ebooks, blogs, codes, environment for code practicing and learning. While they maybe have a charge for getting a certification. There are some paid courses as well for proper learning. Youtube is also a common platform to find instructors that launch videos regularly through their channel. Other common platforms can be W3school, Udemy, Coursera, course envy and many more. Open sources are available online.

In order to be a good coder, you must be willing to work hard and smartly.