Looking for Web application development and confused which PHP framework should be used? Yii or Laravel. Newbies and Startups can be confused about choosing the right PHP framework. In the world leaders like Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Wikipedia and Yahoo are developed in PHP.

Let’s Compare Both The Frameworks, Laravel and Yii

  1. Pros
    1. Laravel
      1. In-built light and speedy blade template engine to run the task.
      2. Eloquent ORM with PHP active record implementation.
      3. Hassle free code reusability.
      4. Artisan – Built-in command for code skeleton, database structure and migration.
    2. Yii
      1. Available with CRUD generators with Gii.
      2. Offers the wide range of layouts and themes for designing Yii web development.
      3. Provides Ajax helpers in Grid form.
      4. Eliminates repetitive code writing.
      5. It keeps the user away from the database servers.
      6. Easy controller helps in linking libraries and packages.
      7. Change at one place reflects through the whole program.
      8. Added features of security like Cross-site forgery and scripting and cookies attack preventions, SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, Cookie tampering to protect data.
      9. Enable and Disable are provided for server side and client side validations.
      10. Allows third-party integration with other frameworks.
      11. Smart-caching and Component-based structure.
      12. Capable of handling the large number of requests per second.
      13. Easy to debug due to minimized code.
      14. OOPs allows developers to add different extensions and widgets.
      15. Larger community on the web.
      16. Role-based and Built-in user control authentication.
  2. Cons
    1. Laravel
      1. You have to follow strict standards while Laravel application development.
      2. The Composer is not strong enough.
      3. Due to lightweight, it has less built-in libraries.
      4. Reverse routing is complex.
      5. Lacks community support.
    2. Yii
      1. Does not support AR queries.
      2. Does not allow multiple relations built up.
      3. Ajax feature is not enough, whenever needed Javascript have to be used.
      4. One mistake can oversized the application.
      5. Learning requires some knowledge of PHP.
      6. Largely depends on static methods.
  3. Learning Curve
    1. Laravel: Slow speed in response communication and real-time data collection.
    2. Yii: First choice for social networking sites and mobile app development.
  4. Requirements
    1. Laravel: Compatible with PHP 5.4 PHP JSON extension, and MCrypt PHP extension.
    2. Yii: Compatible with PHP 5.4 or any higher versions.
  5. Form Validation
    1. Laravel: It can validate data at any time in any order.
    2. Yii: More time-consuming because you have to collect all data and put it on ActiveRecord for Yii to validate it.
  6. Migration
    1. Laravel: Through seeders, the migration process can be easy and hassle-free.
    2. Yii: Compatible migration tool.
  7. Extensions
    1. Laravel: Compatible with around 9000 extensions.
    2. Yii: It has around 2800 supported extensions.
  8. Installation
    1. Laravel: You have to use Composer PHP for installation.
    2. Yii: Easy to install like a template.
  9. Testing
    1. Laravel: Supports majority testing tools like BrowserKit, DomCrawler, and HttpKernel.
    2. Yii: PHP unit and Codeception testing are not supported.
  10. Debugging
    1. Laravel: Through logging and Imho, debugging is easy.
    2. Yii: Comprehensive debugging console.
  11. Security
    1. Laravel: You require third-party integration for security features.
    2. Yii: Built-in support for passwords, authentication, SQL injections,  Cross-Site Request Forgery, Site Scripting, and more.
  12. Strength
    1. Laravel: It is the full-stack framework and supports everything explicitly. Does not require XML configuration.
    2. Yii: OOPs functionality with SPL classes, late static binding, interfaces,  Gii extension, code scaffolding tool make it very strong.

Both the framework has their advantages and disadvantages. Now it depends on the client and the developer’s choice whom to choose .  Yii offers easy installation and high security, while Laravel is lightweight and has awesome features like better testing procedures and templating engines. Kanhasoft is the web and mobile application development company in India and USA. We have the large team for both Laravel and Yii framework. Visit our site to know more.