The automotive technology is on the fast track these days, with our daily rides and road trips becoming safer and more enjoyable than ever before. However, what makes the whole situation interesting is that you don’t have to buy a new car every couple of years in order to enjoy the latest innovative car technologies. Instead, you are welcome to update your current wheels with as many of the cool car gadgets from this list you find useful.



Standing for heads-up-display, the technology that was developed for fighter jets found its way (pardon the pun) into the newer high-end car models. The good news is that now you can outfit any type of car with this amazing piece of tech. Connecting via Bluetooth to your smartphone, Navdy Car HUD fits your dashboard and projects useful information such as your navigation route, current speed, and incoming calls in front of your car using holographic technology.


GPS tracker

Another cool car accessory that has many uses, GPS tracker is a device that communicates with your smartphone and tells you where exactly your car is at any time. While it can be used by parents trying to keep tabs on their children, the GPS tracker is of great advantage in case someone tries to steal your car. Some models, like the SpyTech portable GPS tracker, allow you to set up a geo-fence around your car, with the device alerting you via text or e-mail that the car has left its pre-determined place.


Dash cam

Today’s super compact dash cams are able to take HD video, and even sync the wreck or hit-and-run footage to your phone, making it easy to share videos with friends, insurance agencies, or legal authorities. However, besides these, ‘indoor’ cams, many car enthusiasts love to equip their car with action cams, that allow them to capture a more thrilling version of their rides. With accessories like lens protection and a high-speed suction cap, this GoPro Hero action camera from Strathfield Car Radios is designed for stability and a broad range of motions.


Wireless tyre pressure system

Stopping at the petrol stations to check your tyre pressure one tyre at a time is not only annoying but also time-consuming. The Fobo Tire Plus system uses a series of Bluetooth-enabled gauges that attach to your tyres’ inlet valves, relaying the pressure information directly to your smartphone. The associated app lets you monitor the tyre pressure 24/7, while it can also be set to alert you every time the tyre pressure drops below the pre-set value.


Car key finder

Our forgetfulness may cost us thousands of dollars over our lifetime. Even with locksmiths charging solid rates for when we get locked out of the car, car keys still remain one of most commonly misplaced items. Fortunately, now we have these extremely useful gadgets called key finders. With the ability to track down your car key within seconds, Tile Mate is the number one best-selling Bluetooth tracker for many reasons. The Bluetooth tile-chip easily loops to your keychain, allowing you to track your key location on your smartphone using the Tile Mate app.


Mobile phone signal booster

As mobile phone providers are investing big money in their wireless networks, the end-users are getting better quality services, faster connections and bigger bandwidths, but the coverage doesn’t expand in territory. On top of that, new cell phones are getting weaker in terms of signal capturing power, so there are places where your old phone with an antenna would beat those sleek iPhone and Android devices any day. Luckily, with such a handy device as the Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster, which comes with a magnet mount antenna and a cradle for your phone, you can greatly improve your wireless signal in the car wherever you go.

Cool developments in the car industry and wider are bringing out more aftermarket gadgets for your cars. While on-board technologies typically come with the higher-end cars, or at least trim levels, using gadgets like these listed here, every car owner can get a taste of today’s automotive industry.