Taking care of your vehicle should be the top priority of a vehicle owner. Simple maintenance checks and habits that benefit your car will come a long way, literally even. Having regular checks can even save lives from potential accidents that could endanger you and your passengers. At best, it will make each ride comfortable and enjoyable for every person inside your vehicle.

Car maintenance is not as hard and expensive as one may think. There are certain ways on how a car owner could show affection and care to his/her precious car and improve its performance without replacing it. If you want to make the most out of your car without spending too much, here are some ways on how to improve and update your ride:

1. Get the latest sound system trend without ditching your vehicle 

If your car is before up until the mid-2000s, your car is mostly outdated. In the time of Bluetooth and AUX cords, there are ways that you’re not-so-new vehicle can keep up with the times. You can change your head unit to fit this day’s car systems.  

If you can’t have a full replacement of the head itself, you can at least have devices like plug-and-play speakers. You just have to plug it in your car’s AUX while also plugged on a 12-volt USB adapter for power. In that way, you can jam on your favourite playlist without replacing the radio head itself.

2. Clean your car 

This might be the simplest instruction on this list. After all, one does not need to have a degree in rocket science for them to be knowledgeable enough in cleaning their car. Turn on the vacuum and let it suck the dust and dirt from your car seats and carpets.

If there are unnecessary objects that should not be in your car like paper bags, food containers, toys, stuffed animals, and the like, make sure to put them elsewhere or dispose of them.

If you want your car to be good as new, it should smell like new. To do this, you should use a steam cleaner to the car’s fabric. After steam cleaning, spraying odor neutralizers should do the trick.

3. Wash your car

You want your car to be beautiful inside and out. Once you have cleaned the inside, the outside should be next. To wash your car, you will need a power hose, a bucket, sponges, car soap, wax, wheel cleaner, microfiber towels. Here are the steps to washing your car.

  • First, prepare three buckets, one for water and car soap solution, one with water for rinsing, and one for the wheels.
  • Second, wash your car with the hose to remove larger remnants of bird droppings and dust. Then, scrub it with the sponge after dipping it to the soapy water. Rinse the car afterwards.
  • Third, use a clay bar to remove harder blemishes like paint oxidation and scratches.
  • Fourth, you can polish the car to have a shimmering exterior.
  • Fifth, wax the car to protect it from fading caused by ultraviolet rays.
  • Sixth, spray glass cleaner to the windows. Immediately rub them after spraying. Never let the window cleaner dry or else it would leave marks.

4. Clean the headlights 

Due to ultraviolet rays, the plastic that protects your actual headlights shines less.  

Here are the steps to clean your headlights.

  • First, attach some painter’s tape to the paint and trim surrounding the headlights to prevent scratches to the car paint.
  • Second, sand the headlights using sandpaper on a horizontal or vertical manner for about five to ten minutes.
  • Third, polish your headlights using a polishing compound put on a microfiber towel.

5. Inspect the engine

A car would be nothing without the engine inside it. Be sure to open the hood and check if parts of the vehicle need repair or replacement. Go to your nearest auto shop and ask an expert mechanic with regards to the engine of your vehicle.

6. Use the proper tires

If you think that tires are the same, they’re not. Tires can vary depending on the season that you need to use them. You should consider changing your tires if you notice that they are already thinned out. The best option to have is an all-season tire, though you should first consider some tips and reminders before you buy a set of four for your car. You should also know that while all-season tires are built to be used all year round, they don’t deliver the same performance as the all-weather tires, which can provide better handling during the winter season.

Some say that real car owners are not the ones that are having the latest cars, but the ones who can keep the old ones running. Make sure to follow these tips so you could make your car last for years to come.