Sometimes your job description doesn’t line up with your passions. If you find yourself caught in the monotony of work life, take a detour. I’m not talking about switching careers or changing your driving route. I’m not talking about taking a vacation either, although that’s not a bad idea. Create a passion project. Sometimes a passion project will be an evening hobby, sometimes it aligns with your work. The best kind of passion project is one that you’re proud to share at the end. If you decide to do something that aligns with your work, you may even get your company’s resources and time to help complete it. Bosses love to see ambition and passion, especially if it helps the company in some way.

Brainstorming your idea

You’ve decided to break free of monotony and do something that ignites your passion. Great. Now you need an idea. Make a list of topics that intrigue you. Could any of those topics align with your company? Which topics have the potential to improve your company in some way? It could have an impact on their research, sales, organization, strategy, or values. Now, turn this idea into a project. It could be any of the following or something else entirely:

  • Interviews for buyer personas
  • Podcast about an industry’s history
  • Company Halloween party
  • Research analysis of consumer trends

What would you like to see accomplished within this category? Can you prove that it will be beneficial? What resources or help will you require to complete it?

Or perhaps you have an idea that doesn’t align with your work. It’s good to have an after work hobby. Just make sure that it stays after work so that you don’t get in trouble! Let loose and have some fun. Maybe that hobby will turn into a profitable side job.

Background research and goals

After finding what passion you want to focus on, you’ll want to start your initial research. Understand what you’re getting yourself into. Gain a wide understanding of your chosen topic. Decide what influencers and competitors exist within the landscape. Find those important details that will make your project unique. Has it already been done before? Is it possible? What milestones will lead to your success? This is a great time to set goals for your passion project.

Goals should center around what you want to deliver by the end of your passion project. Do you want to make five infographics? One research white paper? Set realistic goals for what kind of exposure you want your finished product to receive. When you make something truly great, you should share it. Prepare for that possibility even if you aren’t sure yet.

Complete the project

You’ve eagerly awaited the chance to begin and now it’s here! Channel all of your passion and willpower towards making this project your masterpiece. Don’t settle for anything less than the goals you set. With a good work ethic and enough desire, you can find the tenacity necessary to accomplish anything.

Remember that you have friends and coworkers to assist you. Ask around if you’re trying to find the right resources to finish your project. Maybe you need a scientific poster template to figure out how to compile your research. Not every little piece of design has to be done by you. Involve others in your project and perhaps it will turn out to be something even better than you could have imagined.

Share your work

Congratulations on your finished passion project! You should be proud of what you have accomplished. With great work, comes a responsibility to share it. Let others benefit from what you have accomplished. Use it to improve your company, if applicable. Show off your efforts so that others can see your passion and skills. This is a great networking tool and portfolio builder. If you’re worried about how to make it look attractive, there are a number of tools out there to assist you. You could use a collage maker to compile images. Or maybe build a portfolio website to showcase this project and others.

The point is that you have done something great and others will likely benefit from it. But only if you share it. Best of luck to you and your future endeavors. Please comment below with any tales of success from your passion projects!