The CRL Quartz collection range launched during Spring 2019 and is inspired in combining traditional elegance with industrial finesse. The company added four new designs to its kitty, thus, extending its collection of CRL quartz worktops & kitchen countertops. The white and grey marble effects govern the key design trends, whilst redefining the elegance of the old with the use of modern engineering.

What does the CRL Stone Spring 2019 collection have in store?

There is something about grey. The neutrality of the colour makes it an ideal choice for use in both classic and contemporary homes. The CRL Pearl Grey design provides a timeless look, as many people choose to decorate their kitchen with complementing bold colours. Not only that it creates a feeling of space, but it also adds to the serene effect of the surroundings.

One of the foremost additions to the CRL quartz range includes the new CRL Pacific Grey quartz. This stone imbibes the look of marble sporadically marked by grey coloured veins throughout. Similarly, the light colour of the material merges comfortably with any colour scheme. It results in lending a comfortable look and feel to the surroundings in the whole of the kitchen.

Inspired by the look and grace of marble, CRL Calacatta is highly durable quartz fitted in modern and contemporary homes. Use of this stone for kitchen worktops and tables, this specimen of CRL quartz has redefined the quality of living as looks combine durability in a whole new form. Not only that Calacatta by CRL offers the same bold veining seen on the natural marble but it is also exceptionally easy to maintain. If you are looking for a practical stone that is easy to clean, this may be the right material for your design.

CRL Calacatta

The white background of CRL Antonella is inspired by the grey veins and brown hints on these, running through white marble. Crisp in colour combined with the sporadic nature of the pattern, the shade of this stone complements the brown and timber look used in the furniture of the kitchen and other workplaces.

Why CRL Quartz only?

Use of granite and limestone for kitchen worktops is passé. The world is gradually moving towards light-coloured stones intermittent with dark-coloured veins and designs. Quality and consistency of colour are hallmarks of any CRL quartz worktop that you use. Moreover, along with durability being the paramount feature in kitchen and bathroom worktops, the impermeable nature of CRL quartz ensures the hygiene factor too. Owing to the stone’s exceptional quality to resist moisture and germs, quartz worktops continue to be in greater use than natural stones in kitchens and other high-traffic areas at our homes and offices.

Tough, stain proof, scratch resistant and smooth, quartz surfaces are easy to clean and easy to care for. In addition, the use of quartz in the kitchen is preferred as it the material is resistant to high temperatures and excessive heat. This helps in doing away with any chances of an unforeseen accident or the risk of cracks developing in the worktops of the kitchen.

Engineering for permanence, most CRL quartz worktops can survive the daily wear and tear for a minimum 25 years. Fitting these quartz worktops is easy as the worktop is bound together with stain-resistant polymers that in turn create a non-porous and smooth surface. Ideally suited for kitchens and washrooms, quartz worktops require low maintenance and are deemed an ideal addition to homes or offices.