Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are the two sides of the same profitability coin. CRM and ERP are similar in many ways as the sole priority of both of them are to increase the profitability of the whole business.  Both the CRM and ERP can be used to improve the sales and efficiency of the business.


CRM can be defined as the processes and systems of a company which is used for managing the interactions of a company with the potential and current customers. CRM is software which is used for the purpose of organizing, automating and synchronizing the sales, customer’s service and marketing of a company.  The main purpose of CRM is to keep the customers happy so that they remain loyal to a company. The main purpose of CRM is to maintain the relationship and encourage business. Custom CRM development company in India can develop the robust and affordable application for your business.


ERP can be considered as a system which is used for the purpose of improving the efficiency of the business processes. The main purpose of ERP is business management. It is with the help of ERP that the standard information is shared with all the departments of a company in a rapid manner. In the ERP system, the employees are allowed to enter their information for the creation of a real-time enterprise-wide snapshot. Therefore, when problems arise in a particular area, automatic alerts are created in the other areas. This allows the departments to plan in case of issues. The ERP development company India develops the software in such a way that businesses can focus more on data rather than business operations.   

Difference Between ERP and CRM

The CRM system is used for the collection of customer data which is far more secure than the haphazard collection of handwritten notes or emails. Customers are considered as the life of any business and therefore the data of the customers should be stored in a secure and systematic way.  

The ERP can be considered as a tool which is used for the purpose of streamlining the complex processes of the business. The companies develop custom ERP solution for linking all their business departments. This software should be able to provide real-time snapshot for every department of the business.

Importance of ERP and CRM

CRM is the system which is required by the companies for increasing their profits and improving their sales whereas ERP is the system which is required by companies for handling the obstacles during the earlier stages. Therefore, it is essential that both the ERP and the CRM system should work together to improve the profits of the business while reducing the costs of the company.

Growth Maximization

With the help of CRM system, a company can improve its sales figure by bringing in more revenue whereas the ERP system helps with the reduction of the overall operating expenses of the company. Both of them together can help a business in its growth through efficiency and expansion.

Features of ERP and CRM

The common features of ERP software are accounting, business intelligence, CRM, human resources, inventory, manufacturing and supply chain whereas the common features of CRM software are marketing integration, sales force automation, customer service and support, field service management, call center automation, help desk automation and channel management. The shared features of ERP and CRM system are sales force automation and marketing automation.

Proper integration of CRM and ERP is required for meeting the expectation of the customers of a company. This integration is necessary for the common functioning of the different departments of a company.  The integration of the ERP and the CRM system is necessary so that no information is lost during the times of communication. Kanhasoft is a custom web application provider company that offers ERP and CRM solutions for businesses.  

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