If you are in the marketing business, then you need to learn to develop great digital lead generation campaigns. They help you and you clients get more prospects to sell to. This requires a solid strategy and understanding of lead gen principles. Otherwise, you could be leaving opportunities on the table. Here is what you need to know for success:


People are more busy and distracted than ever today. You are not just competing with companies in your local market online. You are up against every other company in your niche. And customers are browsing their feeds and emails quickly and only stopping for things that absolutely reach out and grab them.

To get their attention, you first need to stand out with something unique. You can start by offering something especially relevant to your audience. For instance, if your market is new homeowners, consider mentioning specific ways to make money when they do upgrades. A major benefit in your headline will stop them in their tracks and encourage them to click through to your landing page.


Once you have customers on your landing page, your job is still not done. Now you must continue to hold their attention. If you simply used a cheap trick to get them to your page, they will just bounce. So hold them there and allow them to become a lead by offering relevant and interesting content.

This is particular for each niche. For instance, a finance service might offer a free ebook on how to save money for retirement. A health company could offer great tips on shaving pounds in just weeks. Whatever it is, make sure it is backed by customer reviews or facts and data. This tells your market that you actually mean business.


If you have their interest, then a large part of your job is already done. Still, that’s not enough today. Emotion is the true driver of behavior. If you don’t have an emotional hook, now is the time to create one.

Think in terms of images, which is how your market is thinking. Focus them in on the future and the wonderful results of owning your service or product. This will get their imagination running wild with desire and they will just have to get on your email list or buy your product.


A lot of online business owners make the mistake of leaving action up to the prospect. In turning them into a lead, you are actually guiding them through the entire process. You need to tell them what to do and where in order to succeed.

So if they need to click a button, share a link, or get on your email list, say this plainly. This is not the time to be cute. Simple language and a call to action will be your best bet every time for turning lurkers into leads.

Bring it Together with a funnel.

For instance, you could have a Facebook ad that leads to a webinar landing page. Once they hit your webinar, you can pitch them on a higher priced product, email list, or other service. This way, you have them further in your funnel. They are more sold on your product and will be more responsive to your emails and social media pings in the future. Of course, this takes planning in advance and knowledge of your market, so don’t skip the funnel step or you will simply be shooting in the dark without a clear strategy.

When it comes to online lead generation, not every plan is created equal. If you have the right plan, you can execute with automation, testing, and better sales techniques. Then, you and your clients can both enjoy more money and more opportunities to grow your business. So don’t miss out on additional customers. Use the lead gen strategies above to boost your brand to a new level.