It is safe to say that digital marketing has pretty much cornered the marketing real estate. It is the era of the Internet, social media, and many other platforms that have made it easier than ever to get our message across to other people. But it is far from being the only way to get results. Some of the marketing ideas tend to happen offline. But the best ones are made using a combination of the two, not solely relying on just one aspect. Offline types of marketing come in many, more traditional forms. These include, but are not limited to sidewalk ads, giveaways, donations, leaflets, flyers, even custom printed doormats. These types of promotions, if used creatively and correctly can seriously influence our sales and provide and retain a loyal customer. Here are some things to go over when thinking about more traditional or offline marketing tactics.

     1. The definition

First things first, what exactly is offline marketing. It is quite self-explanatory; it stands for all forms of marketing with the sole exception of the internet. Offline marketing methods are the more traditional ones used for the same purpose of publicizing our business and brad and to reach as much audience as possible. It is a pretty wide area to cover, and more importantly, plenty of companies seem to have all but forgotten about it. Which is a pity as this traditional kind of marketing is very useful in getting our product or service out there. This goes for the local area as well as globally. Nevertheless, we can still utilize it to increase the popularity of our product, service and brand and generate revenue.

       2. The business card reinvented

Business cards are one of the most traditional ways of getting in touch with people. They are probably one of the most cost-effective offline marketing tactics. Because of that, they should be dropped basically anywhere that it is not considered littering. Business cards do much more than give basic information on who we are and what we do. It is an extension of ourselves, they reflect who and what we are in our own unique design. Investing in quality business cards is one of the most effective and appreciated ways to get our idea and ourselves out there. Every employee in our company should have plenty of their own to give away at any moment’s notice. Business cards can still utilize modern technologies and bridge these two worlds to give them that extra twist. For example, we can include a QR code that leads to our website when scanned with any modern mobile device. QR code generators are free online and we can have that image imprinted on our business card. They do offer a lot of options but it is worth noting that as a company, we need to be consistent. Some things need to be identical, such as the company logo, font style or a specific colour pattern. We are representing ourselves, but also our product or service and our brand.

       3.  Public speaking

All of the greatest industry giants have a recognizable speaker at any conference. They always have a well composed educational and meaningful speech. And they work, they leave a lasting impression, put a human face on an organization and create a visual representation of our business. Fear of public speaking is one of the biggest phobias in today’s modern environment. Some studies are even putting it in front of the fear of death itself. If we still do not feel confident to give concrete speeches, we should still attend these events, listen and learn. Introducing and networking with others is unavoidable if we want to succeed. Any relationship we solidify has the potential to help us somewhere, sometime in the future.

      4.  Printed marketing material

Giving away old-fashioned flyers and leaflets is a sound strategy and is not going away anytime soon. Right up there with business cards, these marketing promotions materials are very cost effective and are transacted face to face. It is an old tactic, but also one that gives steady and time-tested results. These prove most useful if we are trying to gain visibility and establish a presence in our local area. Also, these are customizable and are in our hands to design it to our likings and needs. Options are limited only by our creativity.

      5.  Printed and Television advertising

Newspapers, magazines, catalogues and television are all still very relevant in the market of marketing. Although still over the wire, cable television is probably the greatest form of offline marketing. Reach is its greatest strength as people are watching television since the dawn of the cathode tube. Therefore, ad space can be very expensive, so we better make it worth it.

Finally, the best marketing strategy is one that encompasses the most mediums. The world is shifting constantly to online platforms via the internet, true. But the offline methods are here to stay and offer great opportunities for additional complementary exposure. Of course, it ultimately depends on our specific industry and niche and we are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to marketing strategies.