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Russia is developing a pocket-size reconnaissance drone and other types of remote-controlled miniature aircraft bristling with the most advanced observation systems, RIA Novosti reported citing the press service of the United Instrument Corporation.

Aleppo update © Sputnik/ Mikhail Voskresensky Russia Tests Hydrogen-Powered Drones in Syria – Senior Military Source “Right now we are working on several types of UAVs. Each drone or a group of drones will be chosen to perform specific missions depending on the objective, weather conditions and the landscape,” the press service said in a statement. The dragonfly-sized copter is essentially a pocket version of a drone. It is silent, easily controlled and maneuvered. Its operational range is not big but still more than enough to perform battlefield reconnaissance, enforce law and order and engage in antiterrorist operations. “Such drones are relatively cheap and can be quickly replaced if shot down or malfunctioning, and this is what makes them so special,” the statement added. The mini-drones can transfer video and photo images in real time in HD format enabling the operator to identify even the smallest details on the ground. Unlike small military and civilian UAVs, learning to operate the new mini-drones is fast and easy, and the whole system can be up and running within just a minute. The mini-drones being developed by the UIC are similar to the Norwegian-built 16-gram Black Hornet drone currently used by the US Marine Corps’ Special Ops units.