Virtual reality has been around since the 1960s which might actually surprise some people; today it seems to be very much a buzzword and for the wider public, VR is a new and largely unfamiliar concept. 

Others might have the view that it is a costly tool which again isn’t the case. Virtual reality is a very useful tool and is widely used in aviation training, in engineering, in construction, the adult industry, gaming and others but it’s become a lot more mainstream in recent years largely due to the ubiquity of smartphones, tablets and the Internet. VR is actually quite easy to access once you have the right smartphone and it can provide a wonderfully immersive experience for the user so it really feels for example like they are on that meandering rollercoaster. If a more specialised headset is incorporated, the advance in user experience can be incredible but it depends on your budget.

The guys at Carvaka have put together this useful infographic which indicates what smartphones are VR enabled; it highlights the steps involved in getting set up for VR use; it details some hardware you can think about investing in should you wish to up your VR game and it highlights a number of VR apps to get you started, check it out below!