One of the most important things that you can do for your business is create a good logo. Your logo is how your customers (and future customers) recognize you. By putting your logo out there, people learn more about your company and are more likely to become valuable customers. The key is to make sure that your logo is easy for others to relate to and easy for them to recognize. To help you create a great logo for your business, here is a step by step guide to creating a logo that connects to your customer basis, and is able to represent your business is a single picture.

Step One: Decide Who You’re Marketing To

The first thing that you need to decide who you’re marketing to. For most newer companies, you have target group. You’re not big enough or diverse enough to market to every age group, gender, or economic status. You need to find who the people are who are most suited to hear your advertisements. The logo that you will decide on will depend on the group who you are trying to reach. For example, if your business is located in a college town, you need to tailor your logo style to college students and young adults. This would mean that you should be simple in your design (similar to an Apple product). Young adults respond best to a minimalistic look that  shows resourcefulness.

Step Two: Select an Image

All great logos include a simple image. The image doesn’t always have to do with your product as long as the image itself makes an impression on the people who see it. The image that you chose should be simple enough that a future customer could remember it and draw. The easier the image is, the better it will be for advertising. An image is also better for a logo because it’s easier to mass produce and is more recognizable than words. The image should also connect with the age group or economic group that you’re advertising to. If your target group is families, then you want to use an image that connects with the core of the family rather than something that appeals to adults.

Step Three: Select a Color Scheme

The color scheme is just as important as the image that you selected. The color tells the customer a variety of things. First, it tells that what they should expect from you. If you chose to draw your image in just blacks and whites, the customer will expect you to be professional. If you use a range of colors combined with a unique style, your customer will expect that your company will be more fun rather than professional. If you use blues, the customer will be relaxed your logo. If you use reds, the logo will be more provoking. Choose your colors carefully because your customers will read into what you chose. Choosing the right colors for your logo is just as important as choosing the logo itself. After you have selected an image and color scheme, test it out on this logo creator to make sure that everything fits.

Step three: Use The Logo Right

You need to use the logo in the right places. Placing the logo in the wrong circumstances can reflect poorly on your company. For example, you should have the logo on your work uniforms (if you use uniforms for your business), but you should make sure that your employees don’t wear the logo outside of work. For the benefit of your company, restrict the usage of your logo in places where you can keep it contained. You want people to see it and recognize it, but make sure that it isn’t used in places where it could reflect poorly on you.


Your logo is important. Don’t be worried about pouring resources into the logo either. You want people to see it and recognize the quality of it. A poor logo will damage your company just as much as a good logo will bolster it.