This CMO describes one essential mindset every good entrepreneur shares.

What’s the best trait an entrepreneur can have in business? What do Steve Jobs, Ray Kroc and Walt Disney have in common? It isn’t just talent or an ability to sell.

It’s passion.

Only with passion will people be willing to take the calculated risks necessary to start out on their own. Only with passion will they be willing to put in the work every single day to realize their vision, then sell that vision to others. It’s the only way they will be constant with their work, whether making sales calls in a garage as Jobs once did or creating social media posts or doing a hundred other things.

There are many other traits great entrepreneurs tend to share — people skills, intelligence and more — but those traits are useless without passion.

In this episode, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars spotlights Keds CMO Emily Kulp, who defines what it means to be an entrepreneur and how an entrepreneur needs to be passionate about their work.

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