The increasing introduction of technology in the world today helps make the lives of people more relaxed and productive. The spread of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions is one of the latest technologies that has transformed the world. With the continuous rise of IoT solutions in the global market, web developers and software companies have a lot to look forward to.

Statista reports that IoT connectivity is predicted to get over $20 billion in revenue by 2019. Research also shows that by 2020 over 30 billion IoT devices will be actively connected to the internet. The percentage of automobiles connected to the internet will increase to 90%. This shows that there is potential for web developers to apply their skills to IoT devices and IoT application development packages.

In the coming years the adoption rate of IoT devices will increase by over 40%. This reinforces the role of IoT growth in web development. Let’s explore the different ways IoT technologies affects web development.

Impact of IoT on Web Development

Continuous Collection of Data

One of the major web development problems is the long process of collecting user feedback from live websites. On the other hand, IOT works with a large volume of data – it gathers feedback in real time to filter, process and transfer to the cloud.

Compared to web development where a large amount of data can cause network delays, IoT application development concentrates more on the scalability and dependability of the system. Without IoT technology, continuous collection of data and web development will be impossible.

Dynamic User Interface Development

With the extensive influence of IoT solutions, development of operational user interfaces is not a new phenomenon. User interfaces assist users with interacting with IoT devices effectively – because dynamic UIs are needed by IoT devices to adapt to the needs of different users.

Custom web development services will need to reconsider the user interface design to accommodate IoT technologies. IoT devices which have web abilities are typically used for research or used to show different types of data.

IoT devices with robust web programming give users multitasking abilities as well as freedom of selection. These devices also generate pages actively, which is very accommodating through multi-tasking.

Development of Hybrid Teams

Usually, projects involving hybrid teams in the production procedure don’t go well. However, when it comes to IoT solutions and its impact on web development, a hybrid team from both industries needs to join forces.

This means that web designers will have to combine with IoT professionals in IoT application development.  Each of these professionals will be bringing their inherent strengths to build this platform.

Inter-company cooperation with involvement in large projects will be a typical issue faced by these hybrid teams. When these teams put their differences aside, they’ll be able to build IoT web platforms that will offer custom web development services.

Advanced Security Features

IoT devices are generally lacking in digital security, and this is a cause for concern. Security is one of the significant challenges affecting the growth of IoT according to reports from McKinsey. It’s essential that IoT devices be secure from threats to keep data safe and this is where web developers can help.

Web development allows you to hire dedicated developers to back the code of their device up with appropriate security measures. Web interfaces is a significant weakness of any IoT system which is why IoT web development is the center on the security of a system.

To ensure security, developers of IoT devices will create enhanced user authentication, identity verification, and access management. With appropriate encryption information, custom web development services will add a lot to existing and new IoT devices.

Increased Web Development Complexity

IoT operates on Interconnected database foundations, and when combined with web development and design will result in a complex project. Different approaches are required to tackle this complex IoT web development project.

Allocation of duties, as well as regular check-ins, will increase different stages of development. Every member of the team is required to collaborate to ensure the project is completed in good time.  On occasions where you hire dedicated developers that possess prior IoT knowledge, the project will proceed at a faster speed.

Example of IoT Web Devices

It’s important to note that IoT solutions and web development work together already to a certain extent, but the trend is still growing. As time goes on, the probability of more IoT devices taking on internet abilities will increase.

Now that we’ve seen the impact of IoT on web development let’s take a look at some examples of IoT devices with web capabilities.

Portable Computing Devices

Portable computing devices such as Raspberry Pi, due to their adaptability and available pricing, have become quite popular. They have small screens which are used to display web content such as control pages, web pages, and others.

Raspberry Pi can be used for different house and office applications; the UI these IoT devices offer are controlled by the web.

Smart Assistants

The trend of using intelligent assistant like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Now, and Bixby has become the norm in hardware development. These assistants help operate all interconnected IoT devices with the help of the web. Smart personal assistants work using an IoT database.

Smart Watches

IoT technology combined with web development has found its way into this hardware. These technologies allow users to use the web directly on their smartwatches.

Wrapping Up

IoT solutions have evolved tremendously, and this evolution has offered many opportunities which will help in developing innovative web applications. IoT solutions are data enhanced; this means the dedicated developers you hire have to ensure the dependability and scalability of these systems.

The weak spots of IoT systems are the web interface and security which is where web development takes the leading role. We cannot explicitly say the impact IoT technologies will have on new development; only time will tell. The innovation of new devices and web development processes will give rise to new ground-breaking technologies as time goes by.