By Anton Shaleynikov, CEO at DashBouquet, LLC

You cannot be an expert in every field of your work, and here is where the expert team steps in. Expert team, or service providers, is a team of professionals in a certain area that will take care of your project. They tend to focus on one thing and master it, and such service can be really beneficial for you. At DashBouquet we know the importance of making right choices and hiring right people, so we came up with some recommendations on hiring service providers.

Because competition is so tough nowadays, what matters most is a well-rounded portfolio instead of a list of skills. Make sure that your service provider has a good portfolio with relevant experience in the required field. As well their vision should be similar to yours, otherwise you will have difficulties in further work.

There are some questions that should be asked before hiring a company.

  1. Ask for a meeting or talk with a person, who will be in charge of your task.

It is obvious that teamwork is important, and for good teamwork you have to know people with whom you work. Thus, try to meet or at least talk with a developer who will be working with you. You will be able to learn whether the person understands you and is capable of solving your problem as you see it. In addition, there is a variety of communication tools – the choice depends on you.

  1. Ask for detailed strategy and process description

Qualified team will always develop a carefully outlined strategy with all steps included. This will allow you to keep an eye on progress, monitor results and will give you clear understanding of project stages. In addition such strategy will help you in budget and time planning.

  1. Research whether the company has similar cases in their portfolio (or similar experience)

You want best professionals to work on your project, so you have to make sure they know what they are doing. Find out whether they have done similar projects in the past, ask if you can see their work. It is also a good idea to get feedback from the clients who worked with the company.

  1. Make sure the company assigns a professional for your project

It is obvious that best results are achieved due to the best people. So make sure that you have these people on your team. Ask for their CV, check their professional background, get feedback and research their previous projects. Do not hesitate to personally talk to a person and see, whether they fit for your task.

  1. Ask about the price

Budget is one of the things that you discuss first prior to starting a new project. It is obvious that negotiation with a company will include budget estimation. Ask for a price for each step of the process and make sure you will be able to compare the budget to the value.

However, there is one more point that has to be considered: communication.  Clarity of communication affects the working process and final results, so do not underestimate it.

Pay attention to:

  1. Response in time – speed of response indicates not only the company’s competitiveness, but also shows they care about their clients;
  2. Clarity – do you understand everything told by the company?
  3. Correspondence of an answer to your question

These three points are essential for all business partnerships, as they help in building healthy and trustful relationship between company and its client. Fast responses increase quality perception and prove that company values you and your time. And on the contrary, delay in response will matter more to you than excellent skills in Javascript.

Because in business world time matters the most, great deal of project management is based on time management and proper communication. Thus, you and the company have to be willing to communicate and keep each other updated about the project status.

What matters more, than contract on paper, is mutual understanding and good relationship. Do your best to show that you care and expect same attitude from everyone involved in a project.

After all, business is done by people for people. Thus, many people refer to negotiation as a form of art – you have to really master it to achieve your goals. For efficient teamwork all members should feel comfortable, so set a good example by yourself. Remember: unless you show proper attitude, you have no right to demand it from other people.