With the emergence of mobile apps, our outlook towards life has changed immensely. Today it has become a common trend for people to depend on these apps for day-to-day activities. They are certainly of great help and have made lives easier for us. Today we can instantly place an order for everything we desire, be it cab booking, online shopping, food ordering, or anything.

In case of online food ordering, mobile apps have greatly changed the way of ordering food for delivery. They help people in getting a ready-to-eat meal at their doorsteps without the need of calling over the phone for placing the order.

Is it not great that your services’ menu is always going to be on the users mobile whether they are at home, office, car or at a party. With their busy schedule, people just prefer to order food online in order to get rid of this hassle to cook. They can get the delivery whenever and wherever they desire. It has never been this easy.

For the business, online food ordering mobile app is also going to make their sales ratio double and triple. This surely is an amazing reason to create a mobile app for your food ordering business. After all, everyone is keen to get their sales on a high. So, here let’s find the valuable features of food ordering mobile app business must have to increase the profits and amount orders.

Critical Features of Food Ordering App:

  • Easy ordering

Customers should be delivered with an easy and smooth experience while placing an order on their mobile food ordering app with the help of user-friendly and smooth User Interface. Be it a delivery order or a takeaway, customers are allowed to easily pick their favorite order type. A drop-down button on the app helps customers in choosing their location. Before proceeding to the menu, they can choose the city and the most relevant landmark nearby to their places for placing the order in a convenient manner.

The app prompts the customers to mention their mobile numbers prior to finalizing the order. An (OTP) is generated using which the process of creating user profile is completed. Multiple addresses like office address, home address, etc. can be saved by the customers. Same way, constant customers can generate or alter the passwords so that they can login effortlessly as they visit the app next time.

  • Create your own menu

Set your own changes in the app on a real-time basis for updating the menu. Hence, the moment any modification is introduced in the POS menu, it reflected instantly in the online menu of the app. Hence, saving the orders from getting tangled thus, delivering a fluent and a captivating experience to the user.

  • Customer Profiles

There is a user-profile section in the app, where user details are saved. New users are required to register, login and then head to ‘My Profile’ to fill in the details. Here the user information is saved, which proves to be helpful in future as well.

Saved orders:  In the Order History section, you will find the orders which users placed and they can view them at any moment when required. This way, the next time, the customers just have to take a look at the list to again place an order for their preferred items in a hassle-free manner without repeating the entire process thus, helping them to create fresh order.

Saved address:  Number of different addresses, pertaining to home, office or any other place can be saved and managed by the customers. Once the addresses are saved, it helps them to get rid of the hassle of updating their address each time an order is placed.

Favorite orders: Here in this section customers can have a look at their orders they saved earlier and mark them favorites as in future this will help them in placing an order with simply one click. Single touch ordering feature can be embedded into the app, so as to make the order placing simplified for the customers. Thus, no hassle in browsing the menu, retype the details and choosing the type of order and outlets.

Get Feedback from users: There is also a feedback and review section in the app that allows the customers to offer their feedback regarding the restaurant. Furthermore, the app also offers flexibility to the customers to update their reviews at the time they find convenient, hence enhancing customer delight. With the help of these reviews, the restaurant managers and owners can improve user experience and meet their expectations.

  • Customizable Layout

As per the theme of your restaurant you can customize the tailor-made mobile app. There is a customizable layout option in the mobile food ordering app that is designed to match your restaurant’s theme and makes it possible for you to make changes in the layout. The themed app is also great for promoting the brand of your restaurant.

  • Push Notifications

This is an efficient feature that can add impeccable value for developing a one-stop food ordering mobile solution. With Push Notifications feature, sending and promoting updates regarding offers, latest deals, and discounts to your users’ mobile devices gets easier. It works as an effective marketing tool and proves useful to update the customers regarding new combo, new items, and new products, etc. introduced in the menu.

These mobile ordering apps enhance food ordering process while also speeding up the delivery process. Today they have become integral for every restaurant and had enhanced the food delivery process to a whole new level.