The officials of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency made several changes in the MOT rules last year in England, Wales and Scotland. This check helps in testing the roadworthiness of the car to ensure the safety of everyone. The officials have made these modifications keeping various advancements in mind. The science and technology led several developments in the mechanical parts of the automobiles. So, according to the officials, if the cars have changed, there must be changes in the MOT checks as well.

But, there are some basic rules that were left untouched in the process. For instance-

1. The cars that have completed three years must apply for this annual checkup
2. The car servicing stations can charge the customers up to £54.85
3. Failing the MOT will make it illegal to drive the car and also nullifies the car licence

You can only drive the car that failed the MOT check in one condition. If you are taking the car for MOT check, it is a legal move.

There were new rules that are introduced to increase the safety factor of driving the car. To know them in detail, read here!

1. Exemption Of Mot Checks For The Cars Older Than 40years

According to the old rule, the cars that were registered before the year 1960, do not have to go through this test. But according to the changes made in the rule, if the car registration has completed 40 years, they do not have to apply for the test. But, there are some exemptions to it.

2. Maintain Distance Between The Vehicles To Ignore Getting Fined

Every driver knows the importance of maintaining a safe distance between vehicles while driving on the roads. According to the new rules, you will be fined with £100 if you overtake a vehicle and come closer to a particular distance.

The officials of police are taking these rules seriously. Therefore, make sure that you leave a safe distance between the vehicles on the roads.

3. Modification Of The Tax Rates For Diesel Cars

According to the old law, the Vehicle Excise Duty for the diesel cars were £140. But there were some changes made in the Vehicle Excise Duty or VED which is a road tax. It will now be calculated depending on the carbon dioxide emissions of diesel cars. This tax can go as high as £500 if the carbon emission is between 191 to 225g/km. For those cars that emit it the lesser volume of gas between 111 to 130g will be levied only £40.

4. a New Look Of The Mot Certificate

With the changes in the rules, the MOT certificate has come up with the new look. This change will help in the better understanding of the certificate. It will contain the list of the defects in the car. It will help the motorists to figure out the problems with their automobiles and get them fixed easily. The online portal which reflects these services will also reflect these modifications for sure.

5. Minor, Major And Dangerous Defects

The officials also classify the damages in the vehicle. This classification is based on the urgency to correct them to maintain and protect the safety standards. Minor, Major and Dangerous are the classifications.

Minor defects do not trouble the car much. With the Minor defects, the car will pass the MOT test. However, the Minor defects will be noted down and reflected in the MOT certificate and can be seen in the online portal also.

If the car has Major and Dangerous damage, the inspectors will take strict actions and the car with such defects will fail the test. Also, if the car has a Dangerous defect, it will go through further inspection and will not leave the centre.

But the inspectors cannot stop you from driving this car or taking it to the car servicing centres to get it repaired. But, if you do so, they may charge you. You may also receive some points on the licence due to driving the defective car on the roads.

Therefore, it is better to take the car to a trustworthy car repairing centres like Express Of Walton Limited. You can take the appointments online and let the professionals fix the car at a cost-effective price. They will also tell you about the basic car repairing tips that will keep the car in a healthy condition for longer.