Did you know that the American Dairy Industry took almost 20 years just to convince the world that milk is good for their health? They kept selling milk to the world, and no one was interested in purchasing it. So, they came up with the idea of sending out a slogan on each of their boxes, which said, “Got Milk?” Dramatically, the sales margin which was going down the drain, suddenly shot up as the sales graph went above the line and parsed through the thresholds of success. Ironically, the message wasn’t even focusing on the presence of the product; it rather highlighted the absence of it.

This is how content empowers brands. If only two words could help the American Dairy Industry break an established social stereotype of 20 years, imagine what we could do in this current era. With technology at our expense and various products making to the limelight every day, the power of content is enough to fuel the aspect of awareness among today’s individuals. We have myriad social media and advertising platforms at our expense, and we have cloud computing and other networking assets working for us. To build a credible repo for our business, effective branding has become indispensable.

Our discussion today revolves around how content marketing contributes towards honing in on the brand awareness element of a business. But before we delve deeper into how content marketing plays a significant role in boosting brand awareness, let’s understand what brand awareness is and how it is important for our business first.

The True Essence of Brand Awareness

What is Brand Awareness?

People often misconstrue the term and confuse brand awareness with the process of creating awareness of a product or service before sending it out into the market. However, the notion is not true; Brand awareness is the technique of analyzing how familiar your brand is with the general audience and how effectively it delivers the message behind your brand.

To emulsify the true essence of brand awareness within your business, it’s important that as a brand strategist, one should ask the following questions to themselves:

  • What is the relative service or product that your business offers?
  • With which product or service is your brand commonly associated with?
  • What is the most important branding element in your business?

These are some questions which you can most likely expect from your customers to be answered. If your brand awareness strategy is addressing them, you are moving along with your brand in the right direction.

Why does brand awareness play such a foremost role in business conducts? It ensures that your customer stays loyal to your product when they are challenged with the option of cherry-picking your product from the shelves of related products.

Being a part of the Internet world, we see competition almost everywhere. Each day, a new brand crops up, offering the exact same services which you are offering to your customers. But if your brand awareness strategy for your online business is a strength induced one, it ultimately results in impinging an imperishable impression in the minds of your audience.

Content plays a key role in making your brand awareness strategy an impactful one. Here are some useful strategies which leverage the power of content and secure a place for your brand in the industry.

Conceal Your Brand Awareness Element in Audience-First Blog Posts

Everyone aspires for their brand to be an industry-leading authority, but nobody gives a second thought to how to get there. One way of making your brand create value is to promote your business through a blog page. If your blog succeeds in articulating the value of your brand while retaining its exclusive personality, it pretty much gets the job done. What most entrepreneurs fail to realize is that their business in the online world shouldn’t be profit or action oriented first.

Everyone wants to make big bucks by capturing a lion’s share of the audience, but how on earth will you make it rain dough if you won’t have enough audience, or worst, not enough of relevant audience. You certainly don’t want that to happen; henceforth, it is your duty to make sure that your blog only incorporates content that is more audience-centric from the word go, rather than profit or action oriented one. If you can master the art of concealing your brand message effectively in your blog page, you will earn experience, credibility, and ultimately, customer loyalty.

Following the 80/20 Rule in Content Marketing & Creating Brand Awareness

You create articles every day and publish them on your website. But have you ever wondered how you can create brand awareness by sending out content? According to a survey conducted by field experts, your main agenda is not to slap up a foundation of high-quality content on your website and publish it; the main goal is to create value for customers through your published content.

Content marketing depends on two things; high-quality content and the channels through which it is distributed. Social media marketing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are a reliable source for sending out content and creating brand value through it. Every published social media post comes with a share button, further allowing your audience to share that relevant post among their respective audiences.

Ultimately, an 80/20 rule is empowered where 80% of your content marketing becomes a source of brand awareness for a particular product.

The Incredible Power of Video Content Marketing in Creating Brand Awareness

Who could’ve guessed right? But, with the introduction of video-based ads by social media giant such as Facebook, video content marketing has become a great source of polishing up a particular brand.

Here are some interesting facts which can help you comprehend the power of video content marketing:

  • YouTube boasts over a billion users, comprising of almost a third of the total internet users.
  • More than 45% of audience on Facebook and YouTube watch videos for more than an hour each week.
  • More than 87% of online marketing specialists leverage the power of video content marketing in their relevant campaigns.
  • YouTube alone sees a total of 500 million hours of video watching each day.

Statistics show that video content marketing is dominating some of the major content domains on social media platforms. Take an example of multinational level brands such as Coca-Cola, that ran traditional video ads on television for years until they deeply embedded the value of their brand in the minds of their users. Same goes for many others like IKEA, McDonalds, KFC, Sony, Pepsi, etc. It is not essential that a video should involve dynamic elements or is of top notch quality; if a video is good enough to promote your brand value to your customers, it is getting the job done for your business.

Track Different Metrics to Learn How You Are Creating Brand Awareness

If you want to learn whether your content marketing campaign is genuinely contributing towards sharpening the element of brand awareness, your best option is to study variable metrics.

You can start with studying direct website traffic using the term Google Analytics. If a customer is aware of your brand name, they won’t have to look you up on Google. Here’s what they are going to do: they will directly put your website in their address bar and navigate to it.

Secondly, you can study social media analytics from your social media platform. While, you watch your loyal fan club grow, you can also study additional engagements, shares, likes and more. Don’t forget, if your brand is being mentioned, don’t forget to make your contribution.

The Wrap Up

Howard Schultz once said,

“If people believe they share value with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

In the light of the above statement, if your brand communicates value to its customers, then there is a hard chance that your customer would never wander off to other options. The power of content is beyond all, it’s what drives the aspect of motivation among people. Driving Brand Awareness entails patience and consistency. If you can leverage the power of content marketing, you can drive the true essence of brand awareness among your customers, through and through.

Author Bio: Irfan Ak is a digital marketing manager a guest blogger on various websites. He is a passionate digital strategist. Currently, associated with Branex – a Toronto design company. He has worked with various other brands like Taskque and created value for them.