Silicon Slopes

Before getting into this, we need to know that silicon slopes is what refers to Salt Lake City, Utah, Provo, Utah, Park City, Utah and its surrounding areas. To get a better idea on what this means, statistics show that tourist spent $3.7 billion in Salt Lake County in 2016. That allow paid for 54,000 jobs alone. This is all thanks to the great tourist attractions found in that county. The most common reason for going out to Utah lies in these events and attractions.

The beauty of all of this is that the tourist attractions are fun enough for even the locals that live around them. A lot of the time, a place has plenty of things to do for fun, but once you’ve done it once, it’s over and it is not fun anymore. This is certainly not the case for the silicon slopes. Everything in that area is meant to be enjoyed by all and not just one time, but frequently throughout the year.

Things to Do
Being only about 35 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah county is a place filled with great and fun things to do. The types of events and activities vary season to season. If you are a skier or prefer snowboarding, Sundance Resort is a top notch place to do that. If you are wondering how to find out about the history of the different parts of there are also great museums to visit.

Sporting events are also a hotspot for visitors BYU, University of Utah and Utah Valley University are just a few Universities in the surrounding area. There are some great baseball and soccer fields where some talented players compete to earn titles and get their names out there. Ticket sales for these events help to keep those areas going and the broadcasting of the events keep Utah on the map. The talent and achievement gets brought to the world as they leave the state to go to different parts of the world.

When the summer season hits, the rivers are warmer and more refreshing. The Provo and American Fork rivers is always packed with kayaks, tubes and fishermen during this season. Something that is pretty common to do is to ride a bike, longboard, or run along Provo River. Hiking is another great activity to do as friends and family. The mountains and the views that cover them can be breathtaking and most of the time all you have to do is put some effort into it. That effort could be energy or money, but most things take that to be something good. Once the effort is put in, the rest goes according to your attitude and how you take it.

As Utah approaches the spring, Temple Square and Thanksgiving Point are blooming with tulips. The spectacular view and smells are incredible. They add to the urban and eden adventure that one strives for when one looks for a memorial adventure.

How Did They Do It?

The fact that we haven’t gotten to the, for what seems like endless, amount of activities there are to choose from allows you to see the magnitude of what kind of place these silicon slopes are. There are plenty of self starter companies that have started here and with that, come a constant flow of new ideas for companies, restaurants, and activities to try ever so often. The fact that this is happening constantly makes the place so unique and even colorful.

With popular Universities to support the constant flow of people from all over the world, the place is able to grow and attract people to it. Sports events scheduled year round also adds to all of it.

Thanks to all of these great things the silicon slope encompasses, Utah is placed on the map today. All that is available there is what Utah is known for. When people think snow, it is easy to think Utah and that is just one example.