As people continue to fall back in love with nature, the difference between man-made and nature is blurring. There are a lot of little changes taking place, making the line harder to define. The following are a few of those changes worth pointing out.

Kiss, Kiss

An interesting change worth pointing out comes from the beauty industry. More people are asking for a natural lipstick and it has been created. It was a blend between man’s chemistry and natural ingredients like candelilla wax and Australian clay to give it color.

Natural lipsticks are getting popular among beauty enthusiasts, so who knows what other products are going to be converted? The science behind these types of products is so easy that people can do it at home, which is part of what makes these types of products so attractive to consumers.

Seedless Sweet

Parthenocarpy happens naturally to some fruit, but that particular fruit won’t be able to procreate any more. This is a defect that isn’t meant to happen often, but this particular defect is one that human beings find very valuable.

Many people do not want to deal with seeds in their fruit, so farmers cross-breed and plant seeds from fruits that have this issue in order to produce seedless fruits. Farmers are attempting to learn how to create other seedless fruits because they know that the demand is out there.

Lab Diamonds

Part of what people do is try to learn about the way the natural world works. One thing that chemists have learned is how diamonds occur in nature. It is a very precise combination of ingredients and circumstances that can now be simulated in a lab.

There was a point in time when diamonds could only be found in certain places of the world, but now the difference between lab created diamonds and real diamonds is negligible. In fact, some lab created diamonds may seem more glamorous than what one might have found in the natural world. Of course, lab created diamonds are a lot more affordable, making it easier for people to purchase these beautiful stones.

Meaty Delight

Another interesting development has to do with meat though it is not here yet. There are a number of scientists around the world who are working hard to create cultured meat.

The meat has actually been created in a lab without the killing of an animal, and it seems like the meat will be ready for consumers in a few short years. Some people have already tasted it, and it seems to taste like the real deal. This is going to supply more food for people, be better for the environment, and may even be healthier since scientists will likely add a few more vitamins and minerals to the meat. No doubt this kind of meat will also be a lot cheaper, so that should alleviate financial strains some people have regarding meat.

Medicine And The Body

Medicine has rapidly advanced over the last century. We have machines that tell us our blood-alcohol level, or how our insulin is doing. We have lab-created proteins, and we have treatments that can target one specific area of the body without affecting the rest. We are left with questions, like how do testosterone boosters work? How long will side-effects last if I take a certain pill? Or how effective are essential oils. All that aside, medicine has improved for the better, and we are living longer, more full lives as humans as a result.

One of the most daring and interesting developments is being able to have babies through IVF. This allows women to have children without really going through pregnancy. The first baby birthed in this way happened over 40 years ago, but the reality is the science has only been getting better.

For one, scientists have been able to create sperm from stem cells, which means that the sperm needed to make a baby doesn’t necessarily have to come from a man any more. There is no telling what more can be done with science and pregnancy, but the possibilities are definitely endless at this point. Of course, some social and philosophical questions are going to have to be asked, but the reality is that this new world is on its way.

The line between nature and science has definitely been blurred in all sorts of ways. Human love for nature is going to have to be redefined as time and science continues to march forward. Keep in mind that these are just some of the things science is working on, so who knows what else is going to change?

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