Hardly any person in the world would say “no, thank you” to their perfect body – whatever they think that might be. However, very few people are actually willing to put in the effort to get to that point, so you are left with people saying how that is an impossible feat and how no matter what they do, they just can’t reach their goal. We’ll spare you the “eat well and exercise”, because we all know that, and instead give you some actual advice on how to get there.

Don’t set yourself up to failDon’t set yourself up to fail

When you have a craving and want to eat something really sweet or heavily processed – you can’t eat it if it’s not there. Very few people are actually willing to go outside to a store and get what they want to eat, and they prefer just snacking on something that is already there. So, make sure that your home and work space is 100% free of all the things you shouldn’t be eating, and instead filled with chopped up fruits and veggies, ready for you to snack on while watching TV or working. When you are walking past a store that sells something you really like to eat, but really shouldn’t, will yourself to walk faster next to it, and as soon as you get a few steps past it, you won’t have the will to turn back.

Don’t think – do

If you get up in the morning, start looking at the workout gear you so lovingly placed next to your bed the previous night and start thinking about how you really don’t want to do it, how your legs are aching, how you’ll have to wash your hair and take a shower – you won’t do it. Instead, don’t even give yourself the option to think whether or not you want to go for a run or to the gym. Just get up and go. Distract yourself with music or set up your daily plan and just go. You’ll make it even easier if you get some high quality gym equipment for your home and you only have to do a few steps to get to your exercise gear.

Find a buddy

You don’t feel motivated enough? Someone who is equally unmotivated won’t do you much good, so you want to find a real gym fanatic who will want to exercise and eat healthy with you and really push you until it becomes your second nature. Once you achieve that, you can become a support buddy for someone else, and not wanting to let them down will keep you motivated and allow you to continue. You can also join a group or an online community of support.

Have the right motivationHave the right motivation

If you want to lose weight just because you think that that’s what people find most attractive, but you don’t actually prefer that body type, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Your goal should be getting strong, fast, having a shape that you actually want and feeling good in your body. Beating yourself up about a body you were never meant to have will get you nowhere, but focusing on just improving yourself a little bit every day will get you a long way.

It’s never easy getting your dream body, and so many people throw in the towel before they even begin, thinking that it’s just too high of a mountain to climb. However, you’ll be surprised by how fast you’ll see the results and the fruit of your labor, as long as you keep doing little steps every day that get you closer to your goal.