A modern office rallies on technology much more than a traditional one and that makes it less expensive and easier to maintain. It allows smaller companies to make their way into the market early on without having to set up a lot of infrastructure.

At the same time, such a setup creates its own set of problems, because the technology itself generates more work and can create a sense of urgency when there’s no need for it. For this reason, it’s useful to take the time and notice the pattern in your work and organize your productivity hacks. Here’s how to do it.

How to Boost Your Productivity in a Modern Office


A lot of modern offices don’t have cubicles or any type of traditional workstations. Open plan offices have their advantages and help create a sense of community, but they also make it difficult to work at times due to the lack of privacy.

That’s why the first purchase to make should be a pair of Shure SE846 headphones. These are noise canceling and comfortable enough to be worn for hours. They allow for the employees to have periods of deep work without being interrupted by a busy office noise around them.

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Wearable devices

Wearable devices have been around for a while, and recently there was a big push for them, even though it didn’t seem like they were going to take off. For the most part, they didn’t become popular – the devices still seem a bit geeky and awkward. However, there’s a place for them in the office.

What makes these devices practical is the way they are used. If you plan to use them as any other mobile device, just smaller and on your wrist – it won’t do you any good. These devices should be used for notifications only since they let you take note of them without leaving your work.

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Office communication

Office communication takes up much more time and energy than it should. Just keeping track of what’s going on around the office may seem like additional and useless work and many businesses are revising their email practices on regular bases just to make them more productive.

There’s a tendency to move away from emails towards more chat-based communication systems. That makes office work seem more natural and free flowing. However, it will also feel like there’s more work than there genuinely is, so that’s a tradeoff to consider.


Automation is usually thought of as a process that will mostly affect manufacturing jobs and possibly transportation in the near future. This is a reasonable assumption and the changes will be dramatic. However, there are smaller ways in which automation is already here and is changing day to day office tasks.

Most of the tasks we need to deal in a day are mundane and routine ones. Automation allows the AI to take over these tasks in “if this, then that” format. For instance, if you receive an email that contains a date and a word “meeting“, it can be saved in your calendar automatically. These small innovations add up and make day to day work more productive and easier.

Setting up a productive office can end up saving a company quite a large sum over the years. It’s mostly about creating business practices that focus on meaningful and effective work. But remember, even though technology is a big part of this process, employees are still at its core, and they have to be trained properly for all the tech practices.